SEAM Magazine Q&A With IPL Pro Chrissy Jack

“One bad day isn’t a pattern and it doesn’t mean you have fallen off the wagon. Just recognize you are human. Pick yourself up off the floor, put your game face back on and keep going.”

IPL Athletic & Evening Gown Pro, Bikini & Fitness Angels Amateur

Who are some of your inspirations?

Both of my grandmothers were excellent role models, each in their own way. My maternal grandmother got her cancer diagnosis when her youngest child was still in high school, and she lived another 17 years before she finally lost her battle. Her dedication to her family and perseverance are beyond imagination.

     My paternal grandmother had cancer in her 30’s and developed very bad rheumatoid arthritis from the treatments. Despite being in pain for the lion’s share of her life and with limited mobility, she was the toughest little lady with the greatest and cutest sense of humor you would ever meet.

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever been given?

“Remember to give yourself grace.” There will always be days when you are feeling off, or there’s a family emergency or life happens. One bad day isn’t a pattern, and it doesn’t mean you have fallen off the wagon. Just recognize you are human. Pick yourself up off the floor, put your game face back on, and keep going.

Which fashion trends do you think should come back and which ones should die?

I refuse to get rid of my low-rise jeans, and you won’t catch me dead in high-waisted “mom jeans.”

 In what sort of clothing do you feel most comfortable?

Before COVID, this might have been a tougher question. But since I’ve been working from home, my choice has become more clear. I practically live in workout clothes and lounge pants now.

 What is next for you?

This year is going to be a bit of a transition for me: 1) Debuting as a Pro in May against my coach, Kat Ryan. 2) Just starting a new job. 3) Hopefully starting construction on my new house. Going to be an exciting year!

Any final thoughts?

I just wanted to say that I’m incredibly thankful to the IPL for giving natural athletes a home to compete and for providing such a supportive competitive culture where everyone encourages everyone else to be the best version of themselves. SEAM

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