Competitor Spotlight: Nicole Urbanski

“Getting up there and taking my physique to the stage was/is an experience of a lifetime!”

Age: 38.
Marital Status: Single. 

Children: I have one son, and he’s 18 years old.

Occupation: I’m currently going through training to be a Police Officer.

Fitness Philosophy: My fitness philosophy is that it’s not only vital for me to eat healthy and exercise for competitions, but to carry those habits on for my long term goals. Staying strong and active is important to me.

2022 Competition Plans:

I’ve decided to take 2022 off from competing. I’ll be putting in the work to improve my physique for future shows. Look for me in 2023 when I compete in Masters Bikini and Evening Gown!

***UPDATE! At the time of this post Nicole is registered to compete in the 2022 7th Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix in Sports Model Novice & Evening Gown Open!***

What immediately comes to mind?

NATURALMAG – Great magazine to feature and celebrate natural competitors.

Being Natural – I love being natural! Taking care of my health is important to me on stage and off.

Taking Your Physique To The Stage – Competing in the IPL has been a wonderful experience. Getting up there and taking my physique to the stage was/is an experience of a lifetime!


2021 West Coast Pro/Am

Bikini Novice 4th

Evening Gown Novice 2nd

Evening Gown Open 3rd

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