Chameleon In Cali - Simona Nelson: New Fitness Angels, Athletic & Evening Gown Pro

“I have two favorite divisions. Fitness Angels because it’s such a gorgeous division, and Athletic because it is a moment that shows all of your muscle.”

IPL newcomer and first-time competitor Simona Nelson was another incredibly busy and super successful athlete at the 2019 4TH  Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 14th in Sacramento, California. In Sacramento Simona would enter four divisions. Starting with a stacked Bikini Open class, she landed an impressive 2nd place finish.

     Her second division was Fitness Angels. And here is where Simona started to take flight. In a competitive Open class, Simona propelled herself to the top taking 1st place and earning her IPL Pro Card. Next was Women’s Athletic Open, where she once again placed 1st, earning her second IPL Pro  Card of the day.

     Simona Nelson’s final division to dominate was Evening Gown. In Evening Gown Open she would prevail once again, as she took 1st place and earned her third IPL Pro Card. What an amazing debut show for this young lady!

BEN YOSEF: Congrats on totally dominating the West Coast Pro/Am this past September! How crazy was that day for you?

SIMONA NELSON: Thank you! It was amazing. A total and complete blur, but amazing. I don’t really have words for that day.

YOSEF: Ha! I am sure it must have felt like a whirlwind! This was your first time ever competing, right?

NELSON: Yes, it was my first time competing! I had never been to a competition before. I had only seen little bits and pieces of competitions on Instagram.

YOSEF: Well, what an incredible competition debut for you! You entered four divisions…Bikini, Fitness Angels, Athletic and Evening Gown. Each of these divisions is significantly different from the others and require totally different presentation. What made you decide to enter these four?

NELSON: I figured, since this was my first show, I would try all of the ones I was interested in. I wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did. I figured I would be able to place in at least one of the four divisions.

YOSEF: Of the four divisions you competed in, the only one that you did not win at this show was Bikini. Were you disappointed?

NELSON: I was at first, but I’m grateful now. It gave me another goal to work toward. After the show I had a plan to go to APEX with the intention of winning Bikini.

YOSEF: YES! And you crushed it at APEX! Which division is your favorite?

NELSON: Thank you! I’m so proud of the package I was able to bring to stage! I have two favorite divisions. Fitness Angels because it’s such a gorgeous division and Athletic because it is a moment that shows all of your muscle.

YOSEF: Oh, wow. For some reason I am surprised by that answer. –laughs- I totally thought you were going to say Bikini! As mentioned, the look and especially the presentation required for each of these divisions are so drastically different. How are you able to adjust not only your look and physique but also your presentation on stage for each?

NELSON: I totally love Bikini, but I love Fitness Angels! –laughs- It’s a different mindset for stage presence and presentation. In Angels it’s all about soft, elegant movements and very flirty attitude, which is definitely not me. I’m very awkward. And Athletic is all about confidence and being a badass! Athletic posing is my favorite. The back double bicep pose was something I had to really work on.

YOSEF: Considering the four divisions you competed in, your posing and presentation practice regimen must have been crazy! –laughs- What was it like as you prepared for the show with regards to the posing?

NELSON: It was totally crazy! I felt like I was always posing, especially at the gym. Before my workout, in between sets, after my workout. At first I felt weird running through my poses in front of and around people that were working out next to me. But then I would remember I was going to be doing all of this on stage in front of even more people! –laughs-


YOSEF: Love it! Your final division to dominate at this show was Evening Gown. What was it like competing in this division? And how were you feeling after this final win and Pro Qualification?

NELSON: It was fun! I’m not a dress type of person, unless it has pockets! –laughs- This division was hard for me, personally. It was just so out of my comfort zone. But I am so proud of what I accomplished in it and I can’t wait to become stronger in it. I was feeling AMAZING after this final win and Pro Qualification, and mostly just proud of myself. I never thought I would have placed and done as well as I did. It still feels surreal.

YOSEF: So awesome. Well, I just have to say congratulations again on your massive day at the West Coast Pro/Am. You were really an inspiration to witness and I think you gained a lot of fans at that show. And of course you went on to kick more butt later in the season, which we will get to in the next issue! It has really been great getting to learn a bit more about you and your journey. What’s next for you?

NELSON: Thank you! That means a lot! I met some amazing athletes at that show and made some great friendships. The show that followed later in the season was just as amazing. I’ve got a few shows planned for the 2020 season towards the end of the year. I have a lot I want to work on this improvement season. I can’t wait to bring my best self to the stage this year! NMI

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of NATURALMAG and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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