Competitor Spotlight: Brittany Barats

“Sitting at a desk all day makes it so much more important that I get up/out and exercise everyday.”

Age: 36.
Marital Status: I am married to Izaak (2021 5TH Annual IPL California Championship Pro/Am Men’s Athletic Open 1st  place, Pro Athletic 2nd Place).
Children: 14 year old child. Occupation: I’m an accounting manager in the construction industry. Sitting at a desk all day makes it so much more important that I get up/out and exercise everyday.

Fitness Philosophy: My health philosophy is that exercising and healthy eating habits help with overall health and help us live longer! It’s nice to look good, but it’s even better that my body is healthy and strong enough to do the things I want to do, like wake surfing, playing volleyball or bike riding.

Remaining 2021 competition plans: I’m planning on being at the Sacramento show on October 23rd. I’ve signed up for the Bikini and Evening Gown divisions again. But maybe I’ll add another.

What immediately comes to mind?

NATURALMAG – It’s awesome that there is a magazine to celebrate natural athletes.

Being Natural – Being natural is the only way to go. Not just in competitions, but in life.

Taking Your Physique To The Stage – It’s so great that there is a league where this is the standard and it makes me excited to bring my physique to the stage.


2021 California Championship

Bikini Novice Class B 4th

Bikini Open Class B 5th

Evening Gown Novice 2nd

Evening Gown Open 4th

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