Cover Story - MORE! Kristen Davis: IPL Bikini & Fitness Angels Pro

“Do not worry about being camera ready all the time. The best shots come from candid moments.”

Top IPL Pro, Kristen Davis, had an incredible season in 2019. She first splashed onto the IPL scene at the Sunshine State Championship in April of the year. At that contest she earned her IPL Bikini Pro Card.

     Shortly after that she landed on the front cover of VIGOROUS Magazine. Fast forward six months and Kristen was back at it. This time she would return to the stage at the IPL Florida Pro/Am. Here she would make her Pro Bikini Debut, placing 2nd.

     Finally, she would qualify for IPL APEX, the league’s year-end pinnacle championship event. At APEX she placed a very respectable 2nd in Pro Bikini and 1st in Fitness Angels Open, earning her IPL Pro Card there.

     This girl has an amazing look and is the epitome of cover model awesomeness. We just had to put her on another VIGOROUS cover!

Name three music artists you’ve been listening to lately: I love love love the vibes of artists like KYGO, ZHU and Ibiza and anything that gets the body moving. Another favorite to turn on while outside enjoying the weather is Johnny Cash.

Favorite Books/Magazines: This past year I made a personal goal to read at least one leadership book a month. My favorites are John Maxwell, Simon Sinek and Mel Robbins. Of course the leisure is any publication by the IPL.

Favorite Movies: My all time favorite is Wolf Of Wall Street or Good Fellas. I love the old school vibe and Leo.

What are some of your professional accomplishments? (modeling or otherwise): Inside of the IPL I have had the honor of sharing the stage with many gorgeous ladies, inside and out. During the 2019 competition year I landed my Pro Card in Bikini and Fitness Angels! On top of the sport, landing three magazine covers is something I never imagined.

Any cool modeling experiences to share? I like to pretend I am model behind the iPhone camera, place a nice filter through Instagram and BAM! Totally kidding! I am always putting myself out there to see what can come of it.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to for work? Did you get to party at all? Up until two years ago, I traveled A LOT with work. Every month was somewhere new. This past year, we took a trip to Vegas for a Dental convention. I can tell you how that went, but what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Best things about Bikini Modeling? Worst things? When it comes to Bikini modeling the best things that come from it is how you feel in your own skin. I love being able to put on a bikini and know my best angles.

     The worst thing is always having the desire to be tan, shaved and constantly adjusting your bikini to fit right. Never critique yourself because you are inspiring someone from a far! It’s the small details that get the best of you.

Any advice for those looking to get into modeling? Find what works for you! Be brave in trying new things such as looks, poses, outfits and makeup. Never get caught up in comparison. It is the thief of joy.
1. Stay consistent with it. It takes time to build confidence and content.
2. Do not worry about being camera ready all the time. The best shots come from candid moments.
3. Embrace your uniqueness and never complicate it.
4. Smile with your personality!

What is the motto or mantra you try to live your life by? Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

What keeps you busy? My daily disciplines! Working out, trying to be the best wife and mother I can be. We are at gymnastics 5 days a week, 3 hours a day. And of course, work.

What is your view on tattoos? My husband has several tattoos. For myself, I prefer to keep my body free and clean of them. I am too much of a perfectionist and would find fault in something like that on myself.

What three clothing items can’t you live without? Body suit, high waisted jeans and heels! It’s my favorite look.

What is your dream job? I get to do a little of it everyday at my job. I love public and inspirational speaking.

What do you do to stay in shape, or are you just a genetic freak? I wish! The moment bread hits my mouth there is no turning back! I try my best to have balance. Cardio is a must for my body type. I weight train at least 5 days a week, heavy and fast and incorporate cardio at least 3-4 days a week. My body responds very well to sprints.

Are you interested in or ever tried any extreme sports? (bungee, skydiving, rock climbing, BMX, moto, snowboarding): My brother did competitive BMX when he was younger! I competed in gymnastics the majority of my childhood. I have no interest in extreme sports, but have an itch to try acro-yoga.


  • Favorite Color: Green.
  • Favorite Food: Tacos, hands down.
  • Dream Car: Porsche.
  • Are you a fast or slow driver? Depends on the day!
  • Favorite part of your body: My eyes.
  • Favorite part of a man’s body: Back and smile.
  • Bars, clubs, both, or none? All of the above! I love outside bars with lots of lights.
  • Favorite beer, cocktail, and/or shot: I am very extravagant with a vodka water and lime. I try to limit what and when I drink.
  • Favorite city/country to party in: I grew up in Deland and Jacksonville Florida. I love the feel of a night on the town in what I know.

Are you excited about the release of this issue of VIGOROUS with you on the cover? I am so excited! I am still in shock that I made another cover. I love what VIGOROUS stands for and the content it includes.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear

…”Donald Trump”: You’re fired.
…”Winter”: Doesn’t exist. Fall is here!
…”Spring”: Bikinis! Outdoors and cold drinks.
…”Sex”: Passion.
Not for me. But I probably should to relax more.
…”Social Media”:
Mindless scrolling and comparison. Guilty.

What’s next for you? I am up for anything, but have a plan to keep competing at least 1 show a year. I hope to see more sponsorships come from modeling. VIGOROUS

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