The International Physique League (IPL), created by Ben Yosef, has promoted drug-tested, natural Physique Competitions across the country since 2015. We are currently in Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Virginia & Alaska. And we are looking for promoters to host contests in additional cities/states.

We are also a publishing & video production company. The league owns seven magazine publications, dedicated to the promotion of our athletes and the healthy, active, drug-free lifestyle.

In 2023 the IPL launched two new projects. “The Real IPL” reality series and IPL PRESS PASS (Press Conferences with the Pros).

The IPL offers 9 Pro Qualifying divisions of competition including Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini Model, Swimsuit Model, Bikini, Fitness Angels, Athletic, Sports Model, Evening Gown.

The IPL also offers “Exhibition Divisions” which do not have a Professional level. These divisions include Bikini Mammas, Inspiration & Transformation & Kids Fitness.

Our mission is not only to host physique competitions, but to provide inspiration beyond the stage. We believe the athlete journeys and stories MUST be explored leading up to the stage. And the conversation must be continued long after the curtain has closed.