SoCal Bikini Beauty, Daisy Stiles

“I’m not going to lie, I never thought I would get to this point after weeks of meal prepping and training.”

IPL newcomer and first-time competitor Daisy Styles was certainly a breakout athlete at the 2020 IPL SoCal show. From the moment Daisy hit the stage with her fantastic physique and positive energy she lit up the venue.

     She would go on to win both Bikini Novice and Evening Gown Novice. She also placed 2nd in Fitness Angels Open, narrowly missing a win there. And a very respectable 3rd in a stacked Bikini Open class. She was so incredible in the Evening Gown division that many believed, had she entered the Open, she would have won it! And to top it off, Daisy landed as the lead on the poster for the next IPL SoCal show!

     With such good vibes coming off of this young lady, we just had to get her into Natural Bikini Magazine!

BEN YOSEF: Congratulations on all of your success at the SoCal show! You were like a ray of sunshine on stage! How are you feeling about how you performed?

DAISY STILES: Thank you for the kind words!  Wow! Where do I start? Not knowing what to expect, I feel amazed for just stepping on stage for the first time. Let alone in a bikini in front of an audience. I can’t believe I pushed and took fitness to the next level. Challenging myself on so many levels mentally, physically, emotionally. In my mind I never felt ready, until leading up to putting the first step on stage. Then I thought to myself, “ok, it’s show time. All the work I put in for this day…it’s go time!”

BEN: Your first division was Bikini. And you entered two classes there. Starting with Novice, what was it like stepping on that stage for the first time? And how did it feel to win that first class?

DAISY: Stepping on stage for the first time was unforgettably exciting and nerve racking. All in one huge punch of emotion. I’m not going to lie, I never thought I would get to this point after weeks of meal prepping and training. The moment was unforgettable and I also did pray for guidance to stay focused and keep strong and not fall down with five inch heels on. Honestly, when I heard I placed 1st I was surprised and couldn’t believe it until I walked off stage when everyone was congratulating me. It was a feeling I cherish and never want to forget. What an awesome way to start my first experience.

BEN: Your next class was Bikini Open. Were you feeling a lot of really good momentum after winning Novice? How was your confidence going into the Open? And how did you feel in that stacked class, ultimately placing 3rd?

DAISY: Yes, definitely adrenaline was up. I still couldn’t believe it. But I knew that the show wasn’t over yet and it was another challenge I was up for. It happened to be the last category I registered for before the show, so it almost didn’t happen. Telling myself, “Round Two”, slightly intimidated and excited me at the same time. The Open class was a level I wanted to place at least in the top five. End result placing 3rd, I wasn’t upset at all. I can’t knock myself down in thinking would of, should of, could of. Also, well deserved to the runner up. I will just learn from the experience and do better next time and keep my eye on the prize.

BEN: Next was Fitness Angels Open, which you were also amazing in. And you placed 2nd there, missing 1st by just two points. What was it like to transition from Bikini into Fitness Angels? And how did you feel about your placement there, especially considering you were so close to winning?

DAISY: Yes, I know, so close! Just trying to get closer to the prize. Fitness Angels was a fun category for the fact that I had already shaken off some nerves by this point. Now third time on stage. A little more fun and fierce with the Fitness Angels category. The Angels style was more bejeweled and so much more eye-catching. Posing was slightly different. Holding up fabric wings with metal rods was a little challenging. Trying to gracefully wave them just right in the outdoors venue…we had to put the wind into consideration. Fighting to get into the top five was the mindset. Learning I missed 1st place by two points makes me more determined for next time. And now my competitive side comes out. Taking mental note to sharpen up what I was missing to get to the top. But, in the end, 2nd place is a great place to be. It’s just one step closer to being in the number one spot.

BEN: Your final division was Evening Gown. I have to say, you looked absolutely radiant in this division. Your gown was the perfect choice for your physique, skin tone and look. You would go on to place 1st in the Novice class. What was it like for you in the Evening Gown division, especially comparing it to the other two classes that you competed in. What was it like to win that class? And why did you not enter the Open? I believe there is a really good chance that you would have won the Open, and your Pro Card. One of your Evening Gown photos even landed as the lead image on the next IPL SoCal show poster!

DAISY: Evening Gown especially was one of my favorites. Evening Gown is more within my comfort zone. So it was fun. Choosing the perfect gown and slightly changing up the posing style, showing off the left leg. I absolutely loved my gown. When I first saw it, I wanted it. Kind of the same mood I set on stage. I had to own it and embrace this category. It was done in a tasteful way. A little bit of classic, mixed with sass. Not only was the gown eye-catching, I loved the fit and I thought I’d make a bold move by wearing this gown. I would wear it again. Another reason is you don’t get to wear a fun dress everyday. At this point of the show it was like the cherry on top of all categories to get another win for the books. I still was in disbelief. Not only was it one of my favorite parts of the show, my sister Cindy Beltrán, was runner up next to me which was a great moment. She is the main reason why I did this show in the first place.

…knowing there would have been a possibility to earn a Pro Card, that wows me a little bit. But just another reason to challenge myself for the next Round.

     This was my first show, so I honestly did not know what to expect. Had I thought of entering Open I really wouldn’t have thought I had a chance. Also, knowing there would have been a possibility to earn a Pro Card, that wows me a little bit. But just another reason to challenge myself for the next round.

     I am so honored, appreciative and truly thankful and thank God for landing as the lead image on the next IPL SoCal show poster! I still can’t believe it. It just goes to show when you put in the hard work it shows through on so many levels.

BEN: It has been really great chatting with you and learning more about your story. Congratulations again on your success in your first IPL show! When will we see you back on the IPL stage?

DAISY: Thank you again for recognizing me, and I am so glad that my first show was with IPL. When will I be back on the IPL Stage? No pressure right? –smiles- Hopefully sometime this year! When I do, I hope I won’t disappoint. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I am excited for the future.

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