Tammy Bub: IPL Pro Masters Bikini Champion

“The October 2022 show was my best show ever. I felt my best in so many ways.”


BEN YOSEF: Welcome back to the mags! What an amazing year you had in 2022! And what an amazing run you have been on since you first hit the IPL stage in May of 2021! How are you feeling about your two seasons on the IPL stage?

TAMMY BUB: What an amazing journey it has been for me, even from the beginning. From the start of the process of training at the gym and liking it, to changing my lifestyle. I still cannot believe that I have had so many 1st place finishes. It is so exciting and nerve wracking to be on stage waiting for the final placement announcements.  When I get announced 1st place, I still get emotional.

BEN: Aweee, well I have been there for each of those 1st place wins. And I can tell you that each one has been very well deserved! At the West Coast Pro/Am last October, you were really on fire. Three Pro wins and a 2nd place spot in that very competitive Pro Open Bikini class. What was that show like for you?

TAMMY: The October 2022 show was my best show ever. I felt my best in so many ways. I was eating better, working out harder and more efficiently. I had such a high expectation for myself to do better when it came to workouts and spent more time on my posing and posture. This was the first time I competed Pro in all my classes, within the same show. When it came to show time, I felt supported by all my fellow athletes. That was my favorite part of show day.

BEN: Yes! You killed it! And you transitioned nicely between the Figure and Bikini divisions. Do you find this to be a difficult challenge or is it pretty smooth for you? And that’s great to hear with regards to the support from fellow athletes! That’s definitely the vibe of the IPL! Love that!

TAMMY: That is a very good question, and I am pleased that you asked about this. I have been asked this before by others. I do find it very hard to do both Figure and Bikini. But what works best for me is I train with the mindset of Figure. When I go on stage, I know that I really have to put in the effort and work to look good. But when I switch suits to Bikini, I know I can relax a little and have fun.


BEN: Very interesting perspective and strategy! Are there any other divisions in the IPL that you may enter in the future? Or do you plan to just stick with Bikini and Figure?

TAMMY: For 2023 I am planning on doing Pro Bikini and Pro Figure. I have always played around with the thought of doing Fitness Angels. I have some great ideas in mind and will see what 2024 looks like for me. Fitness Angels is so interesting because of the beauty of the suit, the wings, with the jewelry, and just how the presentation looks on stage. It’s very classy, and really shows the feminine side and beauty of competing.

BEN: With your success on the IPL stage, especially earning Pro titles, you are now at the top of your divisions. You were 55 years young at the West Coast Pro/Am. By far your most success showing and best package to date. What is the key to continuously making improvements the way you have been? Also, you are competing against girls who are in many cases decades younger. Does this intimidate you in any way or does it maybe even give you an edge?

TAMMY: Thank you for the compliment. I worked very hard on building muscle and paying close attention to increasing proteins and carbs to have the energy to lift heavier than I have in prior years. As far as my age in comparison to most women, at 55 I take great pride in taking care of myself. Diet, skin care and health. I stay active. And yes, it is intimidating in the Bikini division to go up against the younger women. It gives me confidence and joy when I am still standing onstage to take the lead in the top 5!

BEN: AWESOME. You transition so well between these divisions! I’m sure you would be just as smooth if you decide to add other divisions in the future! And it’s so very cool that you are totally holding your own with the youngins! [laughs]

     Once again it has been such a pleasure watching you blossom in the league over these last couple of years. You are an absolute inspiration! And I am honored to have you in the league. I’m looking forward to what you bring here in the next few months in Sacramento! Any final words for Natural Bikini Magazine?

TAMMY: Thank you, Ben! I just want to encourage and inspire others to be in their best health and challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves no matter what age or shape. Most importantly, I make this a lifestyle commitment with natural, healthy foods and take care of my skin. This is very important in and out of competition preparation. I find this to have a positive impact on my mental health. Nothing wrong with having cheat meals that satisfy my cravings though. Stay consistent. 

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of Natural Bikini Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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