Five Tips To Get Bikini Ready

If you were planning to drop some winter pounds before summer hit but you just never got around to getting your act together this article is for you.

Bikini season is here! If you were planning to drop some winter pounds before summer hit but you just never got around to getting your act together this article is for you. 

     Quick fixes just don’t work and well, you know that by the 4th of July you really want to be in that 2-piece Bikini! Don’t jump into anything drastic such as binge dieting or 6 hours a day of cardio. Follow the five tips below and you will be well on your way to a healthier fitter you in just four weeks. No, you won’t drop 20 pounds of fat, but you could drop a few pounds making it much easier to drop the cover-up. 

The Steps: 

#1 Take Control Of Your Nutrition Now!

The average woman can see results on the scale by eating 1,200-1,600 calories a day. Each person’s daily calorie needs are different. Smaller people need less calories. Highly active people need more. Either way, calorie control will help you reach your goal weight. Don’t forget nutrition needs to fuel your body for life and exercise. Eat a variety of non- processed foods to ensure general health. 

#2 Add In Cardio To Increase Your Daily Calorie Burn.

One hour of moderate cardio can burn 300-600 calories for a 130lb woman. This caloric burn can make achieving a deficit easier than simply cutting food alone. You will also gain the benefits of training your most important muscle, your heart. Cardiovascular training can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few. Some options might include biking, jogging, swimming or a group aerobic class. With tons of fitness options such as MAXFIT 360’s Livestream fitness class and on-demand workout library you can even get that workout in without leaving your home!

#3 Take Progress Photos!

Often people have a hard time seeing the changes in their own physique. Photos can tell a story that we just cannot see in the mirror. Take photos every few weeks and be sure to date them. Recommendations for photos are to take front, side and back pictures. In addition, wear the same sports top and shorts each time, use the same location and have the same lighting. This will reduce any error in images from other factors and really allow you to see your changes. 

#4 Use Resistance Training.

Resistance training can come in many forms: body weight, tubes, bands, balls, free weights, weight machines, etc. If you are new to weight training start with 2-3 total body workouts each week in addition to your cardio. Feel free to pick more than one style to create a dynamic training plan. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with weight training. Building your muscles will allow you to have a firm shapely figure in that bikini! 

#5 Drink Water!

As the weather warms and outdoor dining and white wine and margaritas becomes the thing to do, don’t forget about good old fashion water. Water is important to the body as a whole but especially important for weight management. Water will help you recover and stay hydrated from training. It will help the body eliminate excess toxins and waste, it will help the skin have a smooth and healthy appearance, and it will fill in the void where mindless eating can lead to weight gain. 

     These tips are great not just for getting a nice summer body, but also for fitness and health all year. Give these five tips a try and get closer to the body you want by July 4th. You’ve nothing to lose except unhealthy habits and some of those pesky winter pounds.

About the Author:

Kaylin Payne

Kaylin Payne

Kaylin has achieved IPL Pro status in Figure and Women's Athletic. And has earned a Women's Athletic Pro title. She has also competed in the Bikini division. She is the creator and owner of MAXFIT 360, LLC. She has a M.S. in Sport Psychology, is a certified fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and a track and field coach.

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