Inspire Magazine! New From the IPL!

We are sooooo Incredibly excited to make this announcement!!!
We have created a new magazine publication!!! 
Find Your Fire! Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Transformations


Coming Fall 2022
This is the seventh magazine from MiBoLife Publishing & the International Physique League! Inspire is dedicated to highlighting individuals who have overcome life changes such as disease, illness, cancer, trauma, and many other health disorders as well as major weight loss.
Inspire’s mission is to share these success stories and offer inspiration as to what is possible when you never give up. This publication is a true celebration of personal journey to a more healthy, active lifestyle. Inspire will also feature weight loss, nutrition and exercise tips, as well as tips for all around health & wellness.
The first cover is set to release later this week, with the issue releasing in November!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this new publication come to life!

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