Competitor Spotlight – Alexis DeCristofaro

“Your biggest competitor is yourself. Each day, wake up and focus on being better than the person you were before.”

AGE: 22 | HEIGHT: 5’4”

STAGE WEIGHT: 150 lbs.


BORN & RESIDE: Itasca, Illinois.


IPL DIVISION(S) & STATUS: Fitness Angels,

Athletic, Sports Model & Bikini Model Pro.


Primary Proteins: Ground beef, Chicken,

1up protein powder, protein bars.

Primary Carbs: Sweet potato.

Primary Fats: Avocado.

Off-Season Calorie high: 2,500 approximately.

Prep Calorie Low: 1,500 approximately.


Favorite Exercises: Lifts – Lat Pull Down,

Straight Arm Pull Down, RDL. Cardio – HIIT

classes at F45 and the Stairmaster.

Most Impressive Body Part: Back.

Least Impressive Body Part: Biceps.


One Thing On My Bucket Is…Compete at APEX in November, get my masters degree, beat the competitor I was during my first show in April!

Something That Either No One Knows, Or Would

Be Surprised To Find Out Is…I graduated high

school in three years and went to ISU to study

special education. While in high school I struggled big time with anxiety and depression. I was bullied and it took its toll on me.

Words To Live By Or Personal Motto: Your biggest competitor is yourself. Each day, wake up and focus on being better than the person you were before. Block out anyone else. Don’t worry about what others are doing or saying. Focus on bettering yourself for the purpose of proving yourself to yourself. At the end of the day the only person that needs to be happy is you. So feel your soul by doing things that make you happy each day.


Moving forward, I am working towards building my confidence. While on stage it may seem as though I am confident in myself. I have more moments of doubt than anyone would know. Through being a teacher, personal trainer and competitor I want to continue to increase my knowledge in all of those areas and truly build my confidence up for all of these different roles. I would also like to get my masters degree for special education and work towards getting certified to be a nutritionist. Lastly, I want to adjust my prep so that I can come back unrecognizable and even strong than before!

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