New IPL Bikini Pro – Nikita Lee

“I was struggling at first weighing 165 lbs. Nearly 30 percent body fat. It took more than a year to change the way I saw myself…”

When it came to the Bikini division at 2019 5th Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 23rd in Houston, Texas…one athlete owned it. First-time IPL competitor Nikita Lee was unstoppable in Texas.

     First up was Bikini Novice. Nikita would propel herself to the top of the class, taking 1st place. And she was just warming up. Finally it was Bikini Open. In the Open once again it was Nikita Lee for the win. And earning enough points for the PQ, Nikita became the newest IPL Bikini Pro.

     IPL Texas has a very impressive roster of Bikini Pros. It will be exciting to see how Nikita Lee stacks up.


BEN YOSEF: Congrats on what you achieved at the Southern Championship! You killed it! Now that the dust has settled, how are you feeling about what went down in Houston?

NIKITA LEE: I feel the journey was a difficult one, but worth it. I had no idea what to expect being this was my first competition. It felt like tryouts for high school cheerleading. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

BEN: I heard that you had a pretty amazing transformation as far as weight loss and body shaping. Is this what was so difficult? Also, how were you feeling as you looked around at your competition and as you were lined up getting ready to hit the stage? Were you confident?

NIKITA: My transformation was amazing! I was struggling at first weighing 165 pounds at nearly 30 percent body fat. It took more than a year to change the way I saw myself, my body, my food and the relationship between them. Once I figured out this relationship, I was unstoppable because my biggest competition was me. No one else mattered. In my mind, I won already. I didn’t look at any of the ladies next to me until after the show.

BEN: Wow! That is super fantastic! Big congratulations on your transformation. And I love your perspective on all of this and your mindset. You were totally beaming on stage. Your physique, your energy and your facial expression was just priceless. How were you feeling when you were actually on stage? More of the same? Just sort of in your own world and enjoying the moment or did you feel like it was an actual competition? [laughs]

NIKITA: Thank you. Initially, I was nervous as all get out on stage! Second portion I felt comfortable, more confident and sexy. [laughs] My husband was in the audience and gave me feedback during the break. I loved the experience with the IPL competition!

BEN: I am super happy to hear that you enjoyed the experience. It appears that you had registered only for Bikini Novice. Then, one day before the contest, added the Open. What happened there? Where you feeling, at the last minute, that you were ready to go into a tougher class?

NIKITA: The inspiration and encouragement came from my coaches, Felicia Lee-Sexton and Michelle Bland-Munzy. They saw something more than I did. They knew I had a chance at becoming an IPL Pro.

BEN: I love that! And obviously they knew what they were talking about! What tips or advice would you give to others who may be considering competing, but are hesitating? Whether they have a large amount of weight to loose, muscle to build or confidence to gain?

NIKITA : I’d tell her or him first thing is decide if it’s what you really want! Secondly, stay committed and focused because this is a journey and once in it you learn how to conquer ANYTHING! Lastly, love yourself through it all. The pain, the tears, the time spent, the growth, the training, the one more rep, the food…everything. Because, when you walk across that stage, you WILL know you decided to be your best self and killed it!

BEN: Well said! Are there any other IPL divisions that you are interested in competing in?

NIKITA: Yes! Fitness Angels, Sports Model and Evening Gown.

BEN: Nice! I am excited to see that! When are you planning to make your Pro Bikini Debut and also hit these other divisions?

NIKITA: I know certainly I’ll return next March. For which categories, you’ll have to wait and see. [smiles]

BEN: Ha! Cool! Well, it has been great learning more about you. And congratulations again! Any final thoughts?

NIKITA: I want to say thank you to the IPL for allowing me to compete. Thank you to my trainer Felicia Lee-Sexton, my team The Pink Room Warriors of The Women’s Health and Fitness Center. I have learned a lot about the sport and myself by taking this journey. I look forward to being a fixture on the stage.

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of Natural Bikini Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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