Megan Roark – IPL Bikini & Evening Gown Pro

“I was super excited to be on stage as a Pro…I tried to have the energy of how proud I was of myself to get there…”

Four years and five IPL contests later SEAM Magazine Cover Girl Megan Roark finally nailed it! After so many tries for the coveted IPL Bikini Pro Card, Megan put it all together at the 2022 6th Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am in Sacramento on October 29th.

     First, she would snag another Bikini Mommas (1 to 3) win, along with the Overall Title there. Then it was on to Bikini Open. In the Open Megan would take 1st place and earn her Pro Card, in convincing fashion.

     She would then head into Pro Bikini for her Pro Debut, placing 5th. Next up was Fitness Angels Open for a 2nd place finish. And finally, Megan would make her Pro Debut in Evening Gown, placing a very respectable 2nd. Although Megan did not win the class she was most certainly stunning on that Evening Gown stage!


BEN YOSEF: Where do we even start!? [laughs] So, when the cover for this issue of Natural Bikini first released you were a Bikini Amateur and Evening Gown Pro. Since then, you have earned your Bikini Pro Card and even competed as a Pro in Bikini! And also made your Evening Gown Pro Debut! All in 2022! How are you feeling about your 2022 IPL season?

MEGAN ROARK: I feel amazing about my 2022 season! Since my first IPL competition, I knew I was coming back for my Pro Card in Bikini. A pandemic and a baby later, I finally achieved that goal. Even though I placed 5th in Pro Bikini, I was so excited to be on that stage!

     For 2023, I am focusing more on building muscle and furthering my education in fitness and nutrition. I am excited to bring a new package the next time I hit the stage!

BEN: Love it! You have certainly come a long way! And it was awesome having you make your Pro Debut in that lineup! So, a little throwback here! [laughs] The May 2021 California Championship was the moment where I was like geez, Megan is really progressing. Of course, it would be a year and a half and a couple shows later before you nailed that Pro Card, but I saw the tide shifting for you at that 2021 show. You placed 3rd in a stacked Bikini Open Class A. Which is very respectable, although I’m sure not quite as high a placement as you would have liked. What was it like for you competing at that show? And of course, you would earn yet another victory in Bikini Mommas, taking the Under One Year Old class as well as the Overall title. Since the beginning you have been like the queen of Bikini Mommas! Taking tons of 1st place spots and Overall titles. What is it like being so victorious in this division and setting that example for mothers? Also, what sort of things did you do differently to start turning that corner with your physique and presentation?

MEGAN: I LOVE the Bikini Mommas division.   Before I was even pregnant, my goal was to do Bikini Mommas 0-1. I think it is so inspiring. I was ok with 3rd in that Open class because I did a lot of hard work to get on that stage while my daughter was 11 months. I started prep with Kat Ryan when my daughter was 5 months. She really helped me build muscle while still being able to nurse. Having a coach who gave me a customized meal plan was the best thing for me! I did a lot of workouts from home and also took my daughter on a lot of long walks. I felt good about the balance of being a mom and being part of a competition prep.

     My first show, I have to admit, I knew NOTHING about posing. I panicked once I was in California for my show. I had no idea how much went into it. I have studied and studied videos on how to pose. I would get on the stair climber and watch competitions to see each competitor’s style. I would say that at this point, I am self-taught and have work to do. But I’ve been helping a lot of women with posing along the way. Also, a show day is the best you will look and feel. Regardless of how you place, you are so proud of yourself for getting there! That confidence boost absolutely shows on the stage!

BEN: What was the feeling like in Sacramento at the West Coast Pro/Am last October, finally earning that Bikini Pro Card? And was it a tough decision to hop on stage with the Pros for your Pro Debut? That was a tough Pro class by the way! And what was it like for you in the Pro class?


MEGAN: I finally felt like I had accomplished the goal I set four years ago! It was a great feeling! There was only a two-point difference between 1st and 2nd. I think my determination was what got me the win. Wow! That Pro class was top notch! I didn’t even think before saying yes to jumping into the class. At that point, it didn’t matter how I placed. I had already won! I felt honored to be on stage as a Pro.

BEN: Well, you held your own in that Pro Bikini class and definitely looked like you belonged there. So, congratulations again! You would also make your Evening Gown Pro Debut at this contest. That was another competitive class! You ended up landing in 2nd place behind Sunny Eclipse, who had quite a day herself in Sacramento. What was it like making your debut in Pro Evening Gown and what was it like being up there in that Pro lineup?

MEGAN: I was super excited to be on stage as a Pro in Evening Gown. I loved my dress, and I knew I was going to bring it. Sunny Is a phenomenal athlete. In fact, I would watch videos of her twalk because she moves with such elegance and class. I was really happy to get 2nd place in Pro Evening Gown. I also loved having a song that I got a choose for my Pro Debut. It is nerve racking to compete to begin with, but it’s super intimidating to be in a Pro class for the first time. I tried to have the energy of how proud I was of myself to get there versus how nervous I was to go against such amazing athletes.

BEN: Yes! Your evening gown was fire! One of the best I think we’ve seen to date for the division. People are still talking about that gown to this day! What is the story behind the gown? Where did you find it, and did you just know it was the one upon first glance? Also, I find it so incredibly interesting when competitors who seem so polished and who do such a great job talk about how nervous they were at the time. What tips can you offer to athletes with regards to managing those nerves?


MEGAN: I found the gown online as I was searching, but it was incredibly expensive. Luckily, it had the style number on it, so I looked on second-hand websites. I ended up finding it on Mercari for a quarter of the cost and then I offered 10% less than that. I was so excited that I had gotten the super expensive dress for significantly cheaper. I felt like a million bucks in it.

     Nerves are such a real thing! I just remind everyone how hard they have worked to get to stage. Everyone looks so amazing and is so beautiful on stage day. I encourage them to tap into that. You will never feel as beautiful as you do the day you step out on stage. All the hard work is done, and you can’t change anything. So, you might as well have fun with it. If you are nervous, it shows on stage. If you are happy and confident it shows on stage. One thing that I love about the IPL is that everyone is rooting for you. Behind the stage everyone is so positive and uplifting.

BEN: Oh wow, that is fantastic! Love your perspective, outlook, and energy. It is no wonder that you are having such a positive impact on the community. Right now, you are in the process of promoting your first IPL contest, the Maryland State Championship this coming June. How exciting! What can you tell us about this show that you are putting on?

MEGAN: I am so excited to be hosting the Maryland State Championship! Since I started my journey with the IPL I have been saying I wish there was an event closer to Maryland. Now the situation is right for my husband and I to promote a contest. He is taking care of the logistics of how the show runs and I am taking care of contacting gyms and athletes. I have made such incredible contacts and I am coaching quite a big team myself. The town that we are hosting the show in is adorable and a great representation of an East Coast water town in Maryland. I am a small business owner myself, and I am striving to have this be a community event and include all the small businesses. I know this is a little different feel from other IPL contests. However, I think it will set us apart and create a great show! As a competitor I know what I have loved from shows I’ve been to, and I am trying to create that and more for the athletes! I am excited for what the future brings for the IPL Maryland State Championship.

BEN: Love it! And IPL Maryland sounds wonderful! I am so excited to see you taking on the promoter role and bringing the IPL energy to Maryland. You are such an amazing part of the IPL community and I appreciate you and Kevin! Once again, it’s been my utmost pleasure watching you grow and blossom over these last several years. Congratulations on all your success on the IPL stage, contest promoting, within your personal life, family and business ventures! I’m looking forward to what the future will bring! Any final thoughts for Natural Bikini Magazine?

MEGAN: I just want to say how much I love the IPL and how much it’s changed my life mentally and physically. It’s great to be part of such a body positive environment. I love seeing athletes who just want to be the best version of themselves.

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