IPL Arizona Championship Pro Bikini Showdown!

“I feel amazing about my placements. Winning my first trophy was a very special and rewarding achievement for me.” – Toma Salari

What was it like competing in this Pro Bikini lineup?

TOMA SALARI: Competing in my Pro Bikini lineup was challenging, because Amy is friend and I wanted her to win too.

CIARA ALEJANDRO: It was an honor because it was not expected. Everything happened so fast. I accumulated so many mixed emotions. From winning 1st and my Pro Card in the Open, to agreeing to go up as a Pro for the first time immediately afterwards. And being on stage with two other beautiful women that worked so hard, one of whom already held a Pro title. There was something more than saying, “I earned it.” But instead, in that moment, all I could think was, “I belong here.”

AMY OLIVAS: Competing in the Pro Bikini lineup was definitely an adrenaline rush!

How did you feel about your placing in the show?

TOMA: I feel amazing about my placements. Winning my first trophy was a very special and rewarding achievement for me.

CIARA: Overall, more than satisfied. When I placed 3rd in Bikini Novice to me it was more than enough, because I refused anything under that. Once I was off stage part of me was not as excited for the Open, because I did not have much confidence making a comeback. So when I got back on stage I had more fun than being competitive. The countdown to hearing my name as the 1st place winner, figuratively, knocked my heels off. Going straight to the stage again for Pro Bikini and placing 3rd was again more than enough. Walking away with five awards that day had a huge impact to me.

AMY: Every show placement is a learning experience. Even when you win there is always room for improvement.

What competition tips can you offer to athletes out there?

TOMA: Definitely get a coach that you can trust and follow the plan. There will be difficult days as well as easy days. The key is to stay consistent with your meal plan and workouts.  A short workout is still a workout. Enjoy the process, be creative with exercises and your craving solutions. Sometimes I would freeze my shake and I felt like I was eating an ice cream. Other days I would bake my shake and it would make 6-8 cookies.

     When I did not have a chance to get to the gym I would use random items as my weights and do squats. There are so many exercise options when you can use your own weight. Be creative. As you get closer to your show practice your poses. Walk in your heels all over the house to get comfortable. Your partner will admire it too.

CIARA: Enjoy every single moment on show day and have fun! When it comes to stage time, have a pep talk with yourself as your best friend, sibling, coach, another competitor you look up to would talk to you in a motivational way. Pay attention to nobody in the crowd except the judges, and pretend you are performing for your boyfriend or your celebrity crush. In my case, Mark Wahlberg. Don’t sweat the small stuff. That doughnut is going to be worth the wait when you’re finished.

AMY: When competing, always come in with a grateful heart. You have trained so hard and long for this moment and now it’s time to show it off. Never ever compare yourself to others. Everyone’s journey is different.

What’s next for you?

TOMA: Next for me is to keep my routine. Although I will add some fruit to it. I love being balanced.

CIARA: Continue growing and being an influence as a Bikini Pro and outside my title. After the AZ show I told myself to take a break. But three weeks later I went back to training for three more shows. Being a full-time competitor ended up being the answer for now. But I still take each day one step at a time. I’m accepting whatever comes my way. As long as I’m learning and my cup is full I’m ready for anything.

AMY: The next thing for me is APEX in November!

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