Kate Nightlinger, New IPL Bikini Open Pro

“…discipline and perseverance get you to your destination. However, feeling truly humble and grateful for all you’ve accomplished is the real prize.”

New IPL Bikini Open Pro, Kate Nightlinger! Kate looked incredible at the September 2021 IPL show in Illinois, easily earning her IPL Pro Cards in Bikini and Figure! And she still had one more division to go! Kate was so impressive that she not only landed on next year’s poster, but also the cover of Natural GAINZ Magazine shortly after the show!


BEN YOSEF: As I always start the interviews, congrats on the show! You killed it! And this was your first show?! How are you feeling about how the show went? I am sure I can guess the answer to that! [laughs] Also, being that this was your first show…have you just been saving your amazing physique all these years???

KATE NIGHTLINGER: I was happy, relieved and grateful at the end of my first show day. I’ve been bodybuilding over four years, never with the intention to compete. I ended up loving the experience and getting glammed up.

Overall, the four month prep was easier than I expected. I was eating well, doing zero cardio and holding at maintenance when I started to cut for the show. This made it very pleasant up until the last three weeks, when carbs were really low and body fat was around 10 percent.

BEN: Great backstory! I’m sure there are quite a few competitors out there who wish that they could have such a smooth prep! You competed in three divisions, earning three Pro Cards in Illinois. Which is amazing! Figure, Bikini and Athletic. You are packing a pretty good amount of muscle on your frame, and you are able to display your physique nicely for each of these unique divisions. What was your posing and presentation preparation like? And how are you able to morph your physique and presentation into each of these divisions so well?

KATE: The posing and pageantry of competitions are the main reasons I had no interest in competing at first. However, once I committed, I embraced posing sessions with Kate Lane and practicing. The Athletic division poses feel more natural. Bikini poses still feel a bit unnatural.

     Genetically, I seem to be able to build muscle easily while still maintaining feminine curves. Also, I can intuitively eat enough for gains without going overboard.

BEN: Which is your favorite division, and why?

KATE: Athletic is my favorite division. I feel most comfortable in a sports bra and booty shorts. Plus, the posing is straight forward flexing. No heels required!

BEN: Interesting! [laughs] Do you see yourself returning to the “Heels divisions” in the future?

KATE: Yes, I will do Bikini, Figure and Athletic again.

BEN: Love it! Well, I am excited to see you back on stage in all three! When will we see you back on the IPL stage?

KATE: I’ll be doing the April 30th IPL show!

BEN: Awesome! I will be there! Any Final thoughts?

KATE: I’m so glad I decided to participate in the IPL show. It taught me that discipline and perseverance get you to your destination. However, feeling truly humble and grateful for all you’ve accomplished is the real prize.

About the interviewer:

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Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of Natural Bikini Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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