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54-years-young, IPL newcomer Betsy Brown was an inspiration at the June 2023 IPL Maryland State Championship in Havre de grace. To kick things off, Betsy earned an Inspiration & Transformation award at this contest. She then competed in Bikini Novice Class B, placing 4th. Bikini Masters 50+, placing 7th and Evening Gown Masters 50+, placing 3rd. However, Betsy’s victories and impact extended far beyond this competition and the medals she was awarded.

     In her 50s, Betsy took to the stage and showed what it can be like for women that are in their 50s and beyond. And she stood next to women who were decades younger in the Bikini Novice class, and held her own! The following was the journey she shared for the Inspiration & Transformation division.

Married and starting my family at a young age, my focus was on my three children and husband. Then I went through a divorce and became a single mom for many years, working very hard to take care of everything. Fast forward to my 30s when I would meet my wonderful now husband. We had two more children, for a total now of five!

     Fast forward to my 40’s, and I decided to change my career from sales executive to something I had always dreamt about. Becoming a REALTOR. My focus was building my business and starting my own team. Life was great! But one thing was missing. I was overweight and struggled to keep it off.

"This has been a life-changing experience. One I plan on seeing through, and who knows... maybe another show in my future!"

     I made a commitment at 53, that by 54 I would be back to the weight I was in my 20s! Well, here I am. I hit my goal weight for this show! This has been a life-changing experience. One I plan on seeing through, and who knows… maybe another show in my future!

     Thank you to Megan for coaching me and to my family for all of your sacrifice and support during these last four months! INSPIRE

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