Cover Story – The Amazing Comeback Of New IPL Pro, Victoria Turner!

“What I changed was my cardio. Two to three days a weeks I was doing three cardio sessions a day. On top of that, I was doing strength training twice a day.”

2021 IPL California Championship Bikini Open Class B winner, new IPL Bikini Pro and Overall Bikini Open winner, Victoria Turner!

     Three months prior, Victoria hit the IPL stage for her first time, placing 2nd in Bikini Open. In May she would return to the IPL stage. This time she would not be denied. In Cali Victoria placed 1st in Bikini Open Class B, earning her IPL Pro Card. Then went on to win the Overall Bikini Open title.

BEN YOSEF: OK, here we go! Where do we even start??? [laughs] What a comeback! How are you feeling about what you delivered in Sacramento this past May?

VICTORIA TUNER: I actually wasn’t very impressed with the package I delivered in Sacramento. I worked really hard on my physique for that particular show and I was expecting a different outcome. However, I was very happy about my T-walk. I practiced my posing and T-Walk a whole lot and I feel like I killed it on stage.


BEN: Not impressed??? That’s crazy! [laughs] First, compared to Texas a few months prior, the Sacramento look was vastly improved. Also, you took down the entire Bikini division in SAC. THEN…your look was so good that it landed you on two magazine covers! What’s not to be impressed about?

VICTORIA: Well, I know my body improved from the first show to my second show. But a few weeks before the Sacramento show, I think I looked more lean and cut than I did on show day. So I was hoping my body looked even better on show day. But I am impressed with getting on two magazine covers. that still blows my mind.

BEN: Well deserved! What kind of changes did you make in order to improve so much between shows?

VICTORIA: Thank you. What I changed was my cardio. Two to three days a weeks I was doing three cardio sessions a day. On top of that, I was doing strength training twice a day. I also improved my diet by getting stricter. I drank more water, consumed less sugar and added more protein.

BEN: Sounds like quite a few solid changes. How were you feeling on the day of the show? Confident? Prepared?

VICTORIA: I was feeling a little nervous because I didn’t want to make the same mistake I made at the Houston show. My family was in attendance and there was a much bigger crowd so I wanted to make sure I put on a good show. As my time on stage got closer and closer, I did begin to feel more comfortable and have more confidence. I told myself not to look at the crowd when I was on stage because I believed that would help me focus better.

BEN: Nice! And yes, I think you had the largest crew in the audience out of all the competitors! I am sure all those cheers from your peeps pushed you even more. Your toughest competition at this show was Bikini Open Class A winner, Grace Murphy. Who also earned her Pro Card there and who you would face off with for the Overall Bikini Open title. It’s so awesome that the pose down was captured on video by someone from your crew. What was it like going up against Grace for the Overall?


VICTORIA: I’m from Sacramento, born and raised so I had to bring the whole family out for support. But the crazy part is, that was only a small percentage of my immediate family. Next time they might fill up half of the room. Grace was an awesome competitor. When I first saw her I knew she was going to be one of the top competitors at the show. I loved her stage presence and she definitely stood out. Going up against Grace was great. She had a nice physique, a great walk and everything on her was beautiful. I loved going up and competing against someone that was a challenge. Grace did not make it easy for me. It was definitely a battle. I know I’ll probably see her again and it will be another great show. I wish her nothing but the best.

BEN: Spoken like a true champion. You are due to give birth next month. So exciting! How are you feeling as you approach your due date? And this is your second child, correct?

VICTORIA: I’m feeling very anxious. I’m ready for these babies to come out. And this is my second and third child. I’m having twins.

BEN: I hear you! Congratulations once again! We will definitely miss you on the IPL stage next month in Houston. Maybe when you come back you can add the IPL Bikini Mommas division to your list! Any final thoughts?

VICTORIA: Thank you! And I will be back on the stage at the Sacramento show in October. Yes, I would like to do another category, but haven’t decided which one yet. Bikini Mommas is definitely on my list! 

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