Victoria Turner: IPL Southern Championship Runner-up

“I felt so embarrassed and just shocked. Like, ‘Did that really just happen?’”

BEN YOSEF: First off, major congratulations to you for your performance in Sacramento! What a comeback! You killed it! We are definitely going to have you back in the mags to talk about that show. But, for now, let’s talk Texas. That show was four months ago. How are you feeling about what went down in Houston?

VICTORIA TURNER: Thank you, I appreciate it. I hated it! I felt so embarrassed and just shocked. Like, “Did that really just happen?” I wasn’t even nervous. My mind just went blank. I thought it was all a bad dream and I’ll eventually wake up. But I also felt like all that hard work I had put in was for nothing. To be in the gym 2-3 times a day and putting my body through all those strenuous workouts, and I mess up on a 60 second walk! I was thinking “this can’t be for real.” I thought a lot about that moment and I just got more and more angry at myself. Eventually, with the help of my gym buddies and my trainer Jerry, I was able to take my mind off it and just make sure to come back harder the next time.

BEN: Well, I don’t want to rub it in but we were definitely all like, “what just happened?” Going into Finals you were ahead by two points. We all thought you had it. Then during the Model Walk Morgan Sims pulled ahead by two points for the win. What was it like competing in that Open class and especially going against Morgan?

Competing and losing against Morgan made me want to work even harder! I know what to expect from here on out.

VICTORIA: Leading up to the show, I didn’t know what to expect and so was a bit nervous. I was not sure how this show was going to go since this was my first competition and I had never even been to a physique competition before. Competing in that Open class was exciting for me. Knowing my family was there and hearing them cheer for me made me feel like I had already won. Morgan had a nice physique and I am glad I got to compete against a great competitor for my first show. Competing and losing against Morgan made me want to work even harder! I know what to expect from here on out.

BEN: Well, as mentioned, you definitely brought the house down at your next show. But again, we’ll get into that in the next issue! What tips can you offer for competitors who are planning to hit the stage for their first time? Are there any cautionary tales or things to watch out for? What advice do you have?

     On another note, I’m excited to see you this weekend! Thank you so much for being the awards presenter at the 5TH Annual IPL Texas State Pro/Am this weekend! It’s going to be a fun day! Finally, what’s next for you?

VICTORIA: Make sure you’re mentally and financially prepared! You have to be able to cut out all distractions and be able to make sacrifices. Also, make sure you have enough money. Competing is a hobby for most and it could be expensive. But most importantly, don’t hold back! Go as hard as you can and stay disciplined. I don’t have any cautionary tales. This is an exciting journey and the trials and tribulations you go through during this process are going to give you a whole new outlook on life.

     So, what I had in store next was winning the Sacramento show and also competing in APEX and winning that one as well! I was ready to step on stage and bring an even better physique than my last show. Unfortunately, I will have to put my competing on hold. I just found out I am pregnant with twins, so I’ll be a lil busy for a while. I definitely plan on making a comeback after I deliver.

BEN: Well said! Such a great perspective! And that is wonderful news! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! I wish you the very best through your pregnancy and delivery. Maybe when you come back you can also add the Bikini Mommas division. –smiles- BIKINI

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of Natural Bikini Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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