IPL Bikini, Sports Model, Evening Gown Pro & Fitness Angels Pro Champ, Lylian Mutta

“Free yourself and believe!…Life is meant to be enjoyed…Might as well dream big and go for it, right!?”

Age: 33

Height: 5’8”

Ethnicity: African, black

Relationship Status: “Single and ready to mingle.”

…I ended the night with four 1st place titles and four Pro Cards.

Name three music artists you’ve been listening to lately: On heavy rotation on my Spotify…For relaxing it’s Karin Hammar’s Jazz. For dancing it’s Toofan. For looking above in worship it’s Brian & Jenn Johnson.

Favorite Movies: Pure action/adventure. The Mission Impossible series, Creed, The Last Samurai.

What are some of your professional accomplishments? (modeling or otherwise): I’ve been fortunate to explore various interests, ranging from professional nursing in a fast paced intensive care unit to pageantry, fitness coaching and physique competitions. I think my biggest accomplishment would be balancing all four arenas while working to be in the top of all fields. A major highlight is my debut IPL show in 2016 where I ended the night with four 1st place titles and four Pro Cards.

Any cool modeling experiences to share? For someone who used to binge watch America’s Next Top Model for years, I never quite imagined I would go for it in the modeling world. It’s hard to pick one, but a memorable shoot is one I had with my baby brother as the photographer in Zanzibar. We woke up early to chase the sunrise and managed to get some amazing, serene and elegant shots right before the sun came fully up. My brother was honing his new craft of photography as I honed mine. He had a list of poses prepped to coach me. I remember coaching him when he was younger, so the role reversal was beautiful and memorable.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to for work? Did you get to party at all? When I worked for my father as his executive assistant he took me along on tours with the music band he managed. It was my first trip to Zanzibar. I had a blast dancing to their Congolese tunes. I can still feel the music today. A visit is way overdue!

Any advice for those looking to get into modeling? My advice would be to practice in the mirror and get used to seeing and moving your body. Build your internal confidence and inner joy and that will exude in your pictures or shows. It honestly does not matter what you look like. Modeling is about telling a story with your eyes and your heart and your body will follow. Find a small way to start and keep putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll be amazed at the outcome.

What is the motto or mantra you try to live your life by? Free yourself and believe! I’ve come to learn that most of the limitations people think they have are actually self-imposed. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Hey, no one is getting out of this alive. Might as well dream big and go for it, right!?

What keeps you busy? Training in the gym. Meal prepping. Working full-time as an Assistant Nurse Manager. And oh, more community work. I was recently crowned Ms. Wine Country 2018, so I have an exciting year of service, appearances and shoots that I can’t wait to get off the ground. Fun times loading!

What is your view on tattoos? Ouch! If I weren’t so scared of the pain I would get one across the thin of my back. But alas, I cannot stand pain so no tattoos for me. I do enjoy having a tattoo-free body. Although I don’t envision myself ever getting one, I do catch myself staring at and complimenting others on their creative tats.

I am now putting in the work to land a cover in 2019. Hey, a girl can dream!

What three clothing items can’t you live without? High heels. High heels. High heels. I always keep a pair or two in my car. You never know when you’ll need them to dress up an outfit for an impromptu evening out.

What is your dream job? Working with large organizations to travel the world as a spokeswoman for charitable causes.

What do you do to stay in shape, or are you just a genetic freak? I loosely track macros, drink lots of hot water, weigh myself and check my body fat daily. People are often shocked at how much I eat. I lift weights and do cardio in the gym about 4-6 times a week.

  • Favorite Color: Something bright.
  • Favorite Food: Crab fried rice.
  • Dream Car: Range Rover.
  • Are you a fast or slow driver? Fast.
  • Favorite part of your body? Legs.
  • Favorite part of a man’s body? Abs and shoulders.
  • Bars, clubs, both or none? Mmm…none.
  • Favorite beer, cocktail, and/or shot? Hot water!
  • Favorite city/country to party in? Zanzibar.

Are you excited about the release of this issue of VIGOROUS with you in it? I am over the moon. I so appreciate the IPL community and all the growth I have experienced here. I am now putting in the work to land a cover in 2019. Hey, a girl can dream! Thank you for the feature.

What’s next for you? As the new Ms. Wine Country Queen, I am excited to extend my reach of service into local schools. If I am being honest I am glad it’s time to enjoy some off-season gains and more freedom in my meal plan. Rice, here I come!

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