New IPL Masters Pro Darren Daignault Lands Cover of ATHLETIC Magazine!

ATHLETIC Magazine Summer 2023 Cover!

Cover: New IPL Athletic Masters & Sports Model Masters Pro, Darren Daignault
Photo By Ben Yosef

Summer 2023 interviews & features begin dropping in August.

Cover image captured on Friday August 11th, the day before the 2023 IPL Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona.

What a day for Darren! At the Grand Prix, 58-years-young Darren competed in Bodybuilding Masters, placing 2nd. Then Athletic Masters, placing 1st and earning his IPL Pro Card. THEN hit the Pro Masters Athletic stage for his Pro Debut, placing 2nd.

Finally, Sports Model Masters for a repeat performance. Another win and Pro Card number 2. THEN made his Pro Debut for the division, placing 2nd.

I am overwhelmed and grateful for the opportunity to be featured on this cover. This is a humbling experience that took grit, consistency and faith. Age should not be holding you back. It’s about mindset and determination, with a great community, and one small step at a time. Let’s Go! The IPL stage was a pivotal point in my life. At age 58 I set a goal to become an ultra healthy athlete and I was blessed to contend with the best at the IPL Southwest Grand Prix! And my photo shoot with Ben was spectacular! So much fun! The IPL ranks #1 in my book, and I can’t wait to return!

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