IPL Figure, Fitness Angels & Sports Model Pro – Sherri Elizam

“I want to be a model of change, hope and love to others.”

SEAM: What do you like most about modeling?

SHERRI ELIZAM: This is really a great question! I like the whole process! From following a journey, to getting into the best shape for a photoshoot. Good grooming and the ability to take care of my appearance. Getting new clothes and accessories. It is really fun and you get to deal with professionals and artists with great people skills. It builds confidence, discipline and self-reliance. I like to observe myself from the other side of the camera and look at each photo and find greatness in each. And of course the best part of it is that you get amazing photos and lasting memories.

SEAM: What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

SHERRI: You know, I have the perfect side and the ok side. I prefer to pose only on my favorite side. Also, normally I get leaner for a photoshoot and with this I also lose a few bra sizes. I like my body as is, however sometimes I’ll want to use a larger bra cap to remain feminine in the photos or pose in angles that emphasize my best features.
SEAM: When it comes to modeling, what are your goals?
SHERRI: I want to serve others and through my journey help them to step into greatness and leave their comfort zone. I want to be a model of change, hope and love to others. I use the photos to inspire others and to invite them to find out what’s possible for them. Also, I have a dream to be on a cover of a fitness magazine as well.

It builds confidence, discipline and self-reliance.

SEAM: What is your favorite style to wear?

SHERRI: Summer vibes style. Anything to do with short summer dresses, short jeans, flip flops, tank tops and summer accessories. I also like to go lighter in the summer and get lighter highlights in my hair.

SEAM: What are your favorite jeans?

SHERRI: High-waisted skinny jeans.

SEAM: What are your favorite shoes?

SHERRI: OMG, I like them all!!! In fact, I’m so addicted to shoes that I have so many pairs and so many styles. In particular, I like high wedge style shoes. They make my legs looks longer and I love this look.

SEAM: What is your fave store?

SHERRI: Nordstroms and BCBG.

SEAM: If you had $5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?

SHERRI: Yellow gold ring.

SEAM: Heels or flats

SHERRI: Flats.

SEAM: What purse do you currently use?

SHERRI: Desigual.

SEAM: Anything else you would like to add?

SHERRI: Being a model is a reflection of hard work, dedication and passion. I always used to hide behind someone in group pictures when I was overweight and didn’t feel like myself. And I’m so glad that I took the first step to change myself. I want to show anyone that is doing the same that there is another way to work on us and love yourself.

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