Tammy Shuff – New Evening Gown Masters Pro

“We, as athletes, work so hard to get our physique stage ready. It’s a great opportunity to showcase that in another IPL category, feeling extra elegant in an evening gown.”

2021 IPL Arizona Championship Evening Gown Masters 40+ Winner, Tammy Shuff!

An AMAZING first IPL showing! And following this contest Tammy landed on the front cover of NATURALMAG, Summer/Fall 2021 issue!

BEN YOSEF: Welcome back to the pages of NATURALMAG! Two issues in a row! First the cover and now this! Your ears must be ringing!

TAMMY SHUFF: It’s truly exciting! I’m honored to be included in this issue of NATURALMAG.

BEN: And we are honored o have you! Your cover issue was the “IPL Bikini issue”, where all the interviews featured Bikini athletes. This issue is the Evening Gown issue, so let’s talk Gown! Congrats on earning your Masters Pro Card in Arizona! What is it about IPL Evening Gown that attracted you to it?

TAMMY: We, as athletes, work so hard to get our physique stage ready. It’s a great opportunity to showcase that in another IPL category, feeling extra elegant in an evening gown.

BEN: When training your physique for competition, is there anything specific that you do in preparation for the Evening Gown division?

TAMMY: Physique wise, no, but posing practice, yes. I’m more mindful about slowing down my walk and being graceful.

BEN: What tips can you offer Evening Gown Competitors with regards to choosing the right gown for their physiques?

TAMMY: Start by picking a color that makes your eyes pop, suits your skin tone and has a great fit to accentuate all those sexy curves. Make sure it makes you feel fabulous!

BEN: What about budget, when it comes to buying a gown. Did you approach your gown with a budget in mind?

TAMMY: Yes, I did. I ended up borrowing a gown, which is even better!

BEN: Congrats on your Omaha Magazine feature! What is it like getting all this press? And what do you think it is about you that brings you all this publicity?

TAMMY: Thank you, Ben! Anyone who has prepared for a show knows just how difficult it is, physically and mentally. So it’s been amazing feeling like I’m being rewarded for the dedication and hard work that I have put into the sport. The publicity feels like the cherry on top! As far as getting the publicity, sometimes it’s about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. AFTER you have put in the work.

BEN: Do you have any tips for athletes with regards to being more visible and getting noticed? What would you say they need to do?

TAMMY: I think you need to be intentional about putting your best self out there. That could be via social media, asking businesses for sponsorships, posting progress photos and always making sure you are being encouraging to others. Never forget, it’s your character that others are going to remember!

BEN: Well said! When will we see you make your Pro Debut in IPL Evening Gown?

TAMMY: I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone this year and vying for the title of Mrs. Nebraska. I will plan my next goal after that competition is complete, and it will likely be coming back to the IPL stage as a Pro!

BEN: Love it! Congratulations again and best of luck to you! I am exciting to see what you bring next time to the IPL stage! Any final thoughts?

TAMMY: Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see you and the league again! To all reading, never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, and go shine that light! NMI

About the interviewer:

Picture of Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of NATURALMAG and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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New IPL Bikini Masters Pro Tammy Shuff Lands Cover of NATURALMAG!

“I am flattered to grace this NATURALMAG cover, because the world needs strong women. Ones that lift and build each other up. I hope that this photo represents hard work, determination, perseverance, sacrifices, age defiance, health and beauty. And that I inspire others to go crush their goals. I’m honored. Many thanks to the International Physique League!”

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