IPL Evening Gown Athlete, Therese Pingol

“I feel very accomplished and proud of myself from what I put out on stage.”

20 year old IPL newcomer, Therese Pingol made a lasting impression at the 2019 4TH Annual IPL California Championship on May 4th in Sacramento, California.

     For one, she would compete in three different divisions, each completely unique compared to the others. Bikini, Sports Model and Evening Gown. She would go on to place 2nd in Bikini Open Class A, 1st in Sports Model Open earning her IPL Pro Card and 3rd in Evening Gown Open. A very impressive showing for this young lady.

     What Therese delivered to the Evening Gown stage was incredibly impressive. And in a class stacked with talented competitors. Considering that she placed 3rd with the package she brought just goes to show how competitive that lineup was. Therese showcased a beautiful gown, a solid amount of muscularity, sleek lines and smooth presentation. We are incredibly excited to see what’s next for this young lady!

BEN YOSEF: Congratulations on your success at the California Championship! You were awesome! How are you feeling about what you achieved at that show?

THERESE PINGOL: Thank you so much! I appreciate the love and support I have been getting from the competition! I feel very accomplished and proud of myself from what I put out on stage. Receiving the Pro Card in Sports Model, 2nd in Bikini, and 3rd in Evening Gown…I am honored to have placed in all of my categories at my very first competition. Although it was probably the most challenging thing I have done, I was authentic and true to myself from the start of prep. I think that is what contributed most to my success.

BEN: Yes, you totally killed it! Considering you competed in three completely different divisions, did you do anything differently with regards to training your physique for each of them?

THERESE: Doing the prep for the first time was difficult in itself, so I didn’t focus too much on customizing my training to fit each division. My main focus was staying on track and letting my physique follow. Next competition I will for sure train differently now that I understand what it’s like!


BEN: The gown you wore was fantastic. It seemed to really fit perfectly with your presentation style and physique. How did you go about selecting that gown? And did you just totally feel perfect in it on stage?

THERESE: Looking for the gown, I knew I wanted it to be simple, but also unique and different. When I saw this gown online I knew it was the one. I love emerald green on my skin tone, the cutouts were perfect and it was around $30. –smiles- However, when I did receive it I was told by Caroline that the slits needed to go deeper into the dress. When I got it hemmed, they ended up extending the slit from the back and not the front! But I made it work and acted like it was supposed to be that way. –laughs- I sneaked in some tugs and pulls while doing my turns on stage. –smiles-

BEN: Ha! That’s so awesome! Good for you and way to keep it all together! No one would have guessed that anything was off. Well, that was such a tough Evening Gown Open class. Probably one of the toughest I have witnessed so far. Jane Rebosura (who is on the cover of this issue) in 1st, Kat Ryan in 2nd, you in 3rd,  Raquel Flaherty (who is also an IPL Bikini Pro) in 4th and Jennifer Micheli (who is also a Bikini Pro now) in 5th. That Top Five was just crazy! I remember watching you and thinking, “if this girl is in 3rd place, then wow!” I just knew we had to feature you in one of the magazines in the future. Congratulations again! Any final thoughts?

THERESE: Everyone looked AMAZING! I can see why it was so tough. But thank you so so much! This is definitely an experience I will hold on to forever. Coming in as I did, I wouldn’t change a thing. But I’m excited to switch things up a bit the next time I compete.

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Natural GAINZ Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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