How To Be Happy With The Skin You Are In

Learning how to gain body confidence can increase your sense of self-worth.

Being insecure about your appearance is no joke. It can greatly influence your self-esteem in a negative fashion. If you are unhappy with the skin you are in, you live under a cloud of self-doubt. Furthermore, you compare your features unfavorably to other people and do not feel that you are acceptable. Learning how to gain body confidence can increase your sense of self-worth.

     At times, the fact that the perfect, airbrushed image of people that the media provides is virtually impossible to replicate in the form of a human probably escapes you. In the back of your mind, you half understand that you have been measuring yourself up against extreme ideals. Nonetheless, you have succumbed to the pressure shoved in your direction by society to believe that you are faulty.

     Do not feel bad about being taken in by the false concept of beauty that is presented via the television, magazines and beauty industry. You are certainly not alone in having fallen foul of Mother Nature’s quest to send you forth into the world with a total acceptance of yourself as a whole.

     Like countless other people, you almost certainly find it hard to fight against the tide of information offered to you regarding how, apparently, you are supposed to look. In order to be happy being you, it will help if you start looking at the reality of the beauty business. Companies selling cosmetics, clothing, and plastic surgery procedures and so on want to generate money. The only way they can do so is to convince the public that their services are required. Telling you that you are already beautiful would make them redundant. However, if they inform you that you need corrective surgery, makeup to cover your faults and clothing that makes you look acceptable they are likely to obtain your custom.     

     Furthermore, the media supports the beauty industry. Advertisements on television telling you to buy exercise equipment, cosmetics, and other paraphernalia designed to help you primp and preen, provide funding. At the same time, magazines rely on a similar method of making money to help keep them afloat. You see, it is in the media’s best interests to push the beauty industry down your throat.      

“Unfortunately, the only message that your brain receives after reading such content is that you are faulty.”

There Is Nothing Wrong With You.

     Numerous magazines produce articles that are supposed to help you feel confident about your appearance. However, they tell you that to increase self-esteem, you must go on a diet, fix your face, and transform your hair. Unfortunately, the only message that your brain receives after reading such content is that you are faulty. You can be forgiven for thinking that you are substandard and should attempt to sculpt yourself into the image you are instructed to adopt.

     People fall for the absurd message that they are defective since they want to be accepted by others. Humans have an innate need to belong, which is why they go to great lengths to fit in with their peers and do what they imagine is expected of them. No one wants to be ostracized or embarrassed because he or she dos not adopt a fashionable appearance.

     However, it is improbable that you will be rejected by anyone that matters to you if your eyes are spaced further apart than is fashionable and you have wrinkles on your forehead. In other words, the idea that there is a need to look a certain way is a farce. You can exist perfectly well as the unique individual that you are, without anything dreadful happening to you, despite not having liposuction or wearing supersonic mascara.    

     Nevertheless, absorbing such a message is tough when you have spent years listening to the advice of the beauty industry and media. Letting go of old ideas that have thwarted your attempts to thrive might take time.

     Having taken the first step toward self-acceptance by recognizing how you are bombarded with unrealistic images, you can move on to the next stage of your quest, which is discovering genuine beauty.

What Is Genuine Beauty?

     Beauty cannot be defined by current trends since they are ever-changing ideals. What was fashionable a hundred years ago was different from what society considers attractive now. Furthermore, people whose appearance fit the existing concept of beauty might easily be deemed unattractive by such standards in a few years time. Therefore, genuine beauty, which is not guided by trends, is enduring. True beauty has little to do with size, weight, how long someone’s legs are, or any other elements used as measuring sticks to define attractiveness according to contemporary ideals.

     The Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa have always been considered beautiful. Yet their features certainly do not look fashionable. You do not have to alter yourself, just as such enduring icons of beauty need not be changed. Let go of the concept that you need to modify yourself in order to be considered attractive and you are half way to self-acceptance.

Accepting The Whole Of Yourself.

     Occasionally, forward thinking beauticians and fashion advisers tell people that instead of attempting to conceal unfashionable features, they should emphasize physical aspects that are trendy. While such a concept is far more empowering than being told that you should focus on negativity, the unspoken message is still that parts of you are not up to scratch. The idea is that if you heighten features thought of as positive, your so called negative features will not stand out.

“…base decisions to alter any part of your life on the desire to be joyful since joy is the ultimate low self-esteem buster.”

In order to increase your self-esteem, you can use cosmetics, clothing, or whatever you like to help you. However, do not utilize such materials if you do so as an attempt to diminish yourself in any way. By all means, celebrate the joy of color, creative design, and the individuality that fashion can provide, but think of it in terms of a complementary, playful addition to your style.

     Likewise, if you want to eat healthy foods, do so because you want to be physically strong and feel great. Do not go on a diet in order to emulate skinny models. Part of the reason that most diets do not work long term is that losing weight for the wrong reason engenders a feeling of misery. It is painful to feel as though you are unacceptable and must make attempts to be considered satisfactory.

Change the way you think

     You can only become happy with your features if you stop thinking about yourself negatively. The more you become aware about how you have been thinking in a less than constructive manner regarding your appearance, the easier it will be to catch such thoughts in motion and set them straight. When negative thoughts occur, remember what you have learned about the beauty industry, and about how genuine beauty is not always fashionable.      Furthermore, base decisions to alter any part of your life on the desire to be joyful since joy is the ultimate low self-esteem buster. 

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