8 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter has got a major role in maintaining good health, including a healthy mind.

Many believe that laughter only acts as a temporary source of happiness. But laughter also keeps away many diseases. There are diseases and adverse conditions such as stress, fatigue etc. where laughter may work better than any actual medicine. Here are eight examples that show how laughter is the best medicine:


A recent study conducted by cardiologists proved that a person who has a habit of laughing frequently has lesser chance of facing a heart attack. Laughter might not be directly related to prevention of a heart attack, but it reduces mental stress. And mental stress results in impairment of the endothelium, the protective barrier lining our blood vessels. This in turn results in a series of reactions that build fat and cholesterol in the arteries leading to heart attack. So, laughter can indirectly help to prevent heart attacks.

Excited woman with a fit and curvy form having a great time in a lively and expressive dance workout. She celebrates her body, proudly showing her confidence and self-assurance as she expresses herself through body movement.


Laughter decreases the chances of a stroke. This is because blood vessel expansion during laughter decreases the possibility of a stroke.


Laughing is believed to be a good cardio workout, which increases flow of blood by about 22%. Watching a comedy movie resulting in a good dose of laughter is believed to give your body the same effect as doing a 15-30 minute workout.


The respiratory system acquires more air during laughter, which is good for the body. This is due to the expansion of respiratory valves during laughter. It also helps keep our respiratory tract clean. Thus, laughter is very good medicine for our breathing mechanism.


It has been proven that laughter helps control sugar levels in the blood. So, if you have diabetes then try to enjoy life and laugh everyday. Because it’s not just medications than can control these sugar levels. Laughter and happiness have also been proven to be helpful for diabetes patients.


It is believed that a stress-free body will have less disease. Laughing helps to create a stress-free mind. It is said that there is no tension during laughter. And a relieved and stress-free body results in a healthy body more often than not. So, it is not easy for diseases to affect a person who is happy and laughs everyday. Laughter tends to be a cost-free medicine for all kinds of ailments.


Laughter has no side effects, whereas all modern-day medicines have some side effects. So, we can laugh without worrying about any harm caused to us.


Laughter is also proven to enhance facial beauty. Laughter results in movement of the lips and the facial muscles. It has been observed that people who have a good sense of humor and who laugh everyday are often perceived as more “beautiful”, facially and with their overall energy and presence. Due to the amount of facial exercise in laughter there is good blood circulation, resulting in a glowing face.

A happy mind leads to a happy body and soul. And there are hardly many things that can result in more happiness than a genuine dose of laughter. So, try to be happy and laugh every day of your life. It will release pressure and make this world a lot better place to live in for you as well as for others. SEAM

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