New IPL Pro Ariana Rae Stewart Lands Cover Of NATURALMAG

NATURALMAG Summer 2024 Cover!

Cover: New IPL Pro, Ariana Rae Stewart.
Photo by Ben Yosef
Summer 2024 interviews & features begin dropping in July.
Cover image captured on stage at the April 2024 IPL Virginia Championship in South Hill.
IPL newcomer Ariana Rae Stewart was a highlight competitor in Virginia. At that contest she would earn her IPL Pro Card in the Bikini Model Open class. Although not snagging the top spots in her other classes, she was still very impressive in Bikini Open, Fitness Angels Open & Evening Gown Open, placing 2nd in each of these classes.
Ariana says she is coming for the new IPL “Shape” division next! We have a good feeling she will do VERY well in that division.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity! I have been blessed by this organization in so many ways. From my coach Sam Rae, to the competitor comradery, to the greatest organization leader, Ben. But most of all, the fact I was able to compete AS ME. The IPL has created a competitive environment that allows for authenticity, and I believe that’s important! Can’t wait to compete in SHAPE!”

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