Elli Sigala Wins APEX Pro Evening Gown!

“I felt like I really got out of my comfort zone, and took some risks.”

Elli made her IPL Pro Debut in both Bikini and Evening Gown at the 2017 IPL Arizona Championship this past May. At that contest Elli placed 1st in both divisions. Winning her first Pro Bikini title and becoming the IPL’s first ever Pro Evening Gown Champion.

     Elli then went on to compete at the West Coast Pro. At that contest she earned her second Pro Bikini title and also earned her 1st Pro Sports Model title.

     In a perfect ending to an incredibly successful debut season on the IPL Pro stage, Elli found herself in the Pro Evening Gown winners spot at IPL APEX II.

     All this also makes Elli one of the most winning IPL Pros to date. She has achieved: Two Pro Bikini titles. One Pro Sports Model title. Two Pro Evening Gown titles. And is the first, and reigning, IPL APEX Pro Evening Gown Champion.

BEN: Congrats on your APEX win! You were incredible! What an ending to an amazing competition season for you. How are you feeling about the year?

ELLI: Thank you so much. It was an amazing year. I feel super blessed to have competed as much as I did. It’s my favorite thing to do. I’m honestly so happy with how everything went. I felt like I really got out of my comfort zone, and took some risks. I learned so much from the things that I felt went really well, and the things I was dissatisfied with. I’m currently working on the things I know I can improve, and celebrating the things that went well.

BEN: Your gowns are always pretty amazing, and APEX was no different. It was such a great look for you, and complemented your physique and presentation really well. Where did you get the idea for your APEX gown?

ELLI: I love the Evening Gown division! I love the glamour and the elegance. I spend a long time looking for my gowns. Most of them are used. I knew I wanted something very sparkly that had cut outs. When I saw this dress, I knew it was the one! P.S. wait ‘til ya see what I have for May. [smiles]

BEN: Nice! Well, we are all looking forward to what you bring next! Your success in 2017 was just awe-inspiring. I know there are many competitors who look up to you, and see what you have achieved as something for them to aspire to. As basically the number one Evening Gown Pro in the IPL, not to mention a multi-Pro title winner in Bikini and a Pro title winner in Sports Model… what tips, words of wisdom, or advice can you offer to those who are aiming for success on stage?

“Many people would kill to be on stage! It’s an amazing thing that we do this to begin with.”

ELLI: Awe, that’s amazing! I’m tearing up right now. I always dreamed of being the girl to give advice. There’s so many things I could say. Competing has taught me so much about myself, people and life. I believe the biggest piece of advice would be simply do NOT give up.

     I’ve been doing this for a long time. Not many people know how long. It takes time, consistency and perseverance. I also believe in creating a healthy, active lifestyle to maintain your physique and health all day every day. Work hard year-round, so you can bring your best package to stage.   

     I’ve also learned to look at competing differently than when I first started. I look at how I can improve AND celebrate what is going good. It’s easy to get caught up in constantly criticizing and bringing ourselves down, but that does not serve us!

     We’ve got to celebrate the victories, and I don’t just mean a trophy. This is a sport of improvement! That’s why I love it so much. That being said, we must remember this is a subjective sport. Where you place doesn’t mean you’re any more or less of a person. Play to win, and be grateful whether you place or not. Many people would kill to be on stage! It’s an amazing thing that we do this to begin with. Woah! [laughs] Sorry, that’s a lot! What a fun question to be asked!

BEN: Ha! I love it! Great words of wisdom! When will we see you back on stage? And, will you defend your title at APEX III?

ELLI: May 27th! And, yes! Absolutely! NMI

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of NATURALMAG and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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