Gaby Marquez: APEX Pro Evening Gown Champ!

“Yay! It feels so good to be the IPL’s number one Evening Gown Pro!”

APEX V was a fantastic ending to IPL Pro Gaby Marquez’s 2020 season. One of the busiest IPL athletes of the year, Gaby would compete in three of the five IPL contests held in 2020.

     At APEX Gabby placed 4th in Pro Bikini, 2nd in Pro Fitness Angels and 1st in Women’s Sports Model Open, earning her IPL Sports Model Pro Card. She would then make her Pro Sports Model debut, placing 2nd. And in Pro Evening Gown, she placed 1st, earning her first IPL Pro title, and in the process becoming the IPL’s new APEX Pro Evening Gown Champion.

BEN YOSEF: First off, congratulations to you for an awesome year on the IPL stage in 2020! How are you feeling about everything that you accomplished last year?

GABY MARQUEZ: Thank you! 2020 was definitely a challenging year. There was so much uncertainty. But despite all the challenges, I feel great and blessed with all that I accomplished.

BEN: Let’s take it back to the beginning of 2020. To the IPL New Year’s Classic in January. First of all, you are literally one of the busiest athletes to hit the IPL stage. You normally compete in many divisions. And the New Year’s Classic was no different for you. You were amazing at that show, earning your Bikini Pro Card and Evening Gown Pro Card. AND placing 1st in the Theme Wear division. And of course you would make your Pro Debut in Fitness Angels, placing 3rd. And placed 2nd in Women’s Sports Model Open. What drives you to be so active, competing in so many divisions? And what was it like turning Pro in Bikini and Evening Gown? As well as making your Pro Debut in Fitness Angels?

GABY: I’m still so happy and proud of myself for doing so well in that show. What drives me to compete in many divisions is the experience of it all, and the fact that I spend so much time and hard work getting ready for the show.

     I want to make my time worthwhile by participating in as many divisions as I can. All while having a great time! Turning Pro in Bikini was like a dream come true. I considered myself a positive person, but I wasn’t sure I was going to win because it was a stacked lineup.


     When I won, it was an emotional but awesome feeling. Turning Pro in Evening Gown was the icing on the cake. It was a perfect ending for me of an awesome show. I love the Fitness Angels division, and making my Pro Debut was so much fun.

BEN: Next up was the SoCal show in October. There you made your Pro Debut in Bikini, placing 4th. And your Evening Gown Pro Debut, placing 2nd. What was that show like for you and how did you feel about your placements?

GABY: That show was a little rough for me, to be honest. Although I still had a great time, I knew I was not going to do as well as I wanted. My prep for that show didn’t go as planned, but I’m glad that I followed through with it and didn’t give up. I felt I got the placings I deserved, so I wasn’t super bummed about it. I knew I was up against some tough competition.

BEN: And finally, APEX! Once again you returned to your busy schedule, competing in five classes. You placed 4th in Pro Bikini and 2nd in Pro Fitness Angels. Then you started landing in the winner’s spot. How were you feeling heading into APEX? And what was it like not taking the wins in your first two classes? Did you feel discouraged at all or did you just take it in stride?

GABY: I felt pretty good heading into APEX. Not taking the wins in the first two classes was a little disappointing, because we all want to win. But again, I knew I deserved the placings I received. I didn’t feel discouraged at all because I felt great and I felt confident. The winners are deserving of their win and it just inspired and encouraged me to try harder!

BEN: Spoken like a true champ! Then you hit the Sports Model classes and dominated! Taking 1st in the Open and earning your Pro Card. Then jumping into the Pro class for your Pro Debut, placing 2nd. How were you feeling after the dust settled in Sports Model?

GABY: I felt super happy that I got my Pro Card in Sports Model! I picked a less popular sport and wasn’t sure how it was going to play out. I actually didn’t receive my sports prop until the day before, so there was some improvisation. But I had a lot of fun doing it! I was still feeling the high of winning, even after the dust settled.

BEN: You came into that Pro Evening Gown class on fire! You really rocked it. How confident were you feeling in that division? Also, Amie Beavers was a pretty strong competitor as well. What was it like going up against her? An what was that pose down for the win like for you? It was super intense! –laughs-

GABY: My hair and makeup was done, I had a beautiful gown and my physique was up there. So I felt pretty darn confident! Yes, Amy is definitely a strong competitor, and she rocked that stage. At that point, I was really just focused on myself and doing the best I could, while enjoying the feeling of being up on stage.


     As for the pose down, I remember thinking, “OMG this is really happening? Am I really doing this?” Then I started laughing to myself. That was my first pose down. Only thing I could do was keep posing and have fun. –laughs-

BEN: Love it! You are now number one when it comes to IPL Pro Evening Gown. Congrats again and congrats on making the cover of NATURALMAG! When will wee see you back on the IPL stage?

GABY: Yay! It feels so good to be the IPL’s number one Evening Gown Pro! I’m honored to be on the NATURALMAG cover! It’s truly a dream come true! Thank you Ben for everything that you do! You are the man! I am working on a brand new package and shooting for a later show date! IPL, be ready! NMI

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of NATURALMAG and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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