Competitor Spotlight – IPL Sports Model Pro & Athletic Pro, Chelsea Cancian

“’A healthy spirit in a healthy body.’ Even more when you have a goal to be achieved.”

What is your age: 24
Marital Status: In a relationship for six years and one month, but I’m not married.
Children: None.
Fitness Philosophy: A philosophic quotation which I appreciate quite particularly would be “Mens sana in corpore sano.” A healthy spirit in a healthy body. This quotation reminds us of the importance of physical activity, and to be in shape. Even more when you have a goal to be achieved.
2018 competition plans: For this year I will get ready for me. I would like to add more muscle mass.
What immediately comes to mind?
Being Natural – Julia Hubbard, a Professional in several categories in the IPL. I really appreciate her age, her strength of perseverance and her natural physical appearance.



2017 Tahiti Pro/Am

Pro Women’s Athletic 2nd Place

Women’s Sports Model Open 1st Place + Pro Card

2017 Tahiti Championship

Women’s Athletic Open 1st Place + Pro Card

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