Teresa Moss: Buff Beauty On The Beach

Teresa Moss returns to VIGOROUS Magazine for this exclusive follow-up feature. A top athlete in the IPL, Teresa’s journey in the league has seen her earn five Pro Cards, and a Pro title. She defies categorization in her personal style, drawing inspiration from her outdoor adventures and gym-centric lifestyle. From singing talents to scuba certifications, Teresa thrives on versatility, embracing every challenge with boundless passion and a fearless spirit.

Photos by Ben Yosef

I do love to get dressed up and put on that little black dress and heels from time to time...But I love big hoodies, pajama pants and Carhartt bibs.

VIGOROUS MAGAZINE: What has been your favorite IPL photo shoot to date?
TERESA MOSS: I absolutely love shooting with Ben! I have loved every time! However, my shoot in Arizona when I won my five Pro Cards is my favorite so far. I loved shooting on the beach at the Sunshine Classic as I’ve always wanted to do a beach photoshoot, but the AZ shoot is it. I feel it’s been my best look on and off stage I’ve had so far in my IPL career.
VIG: How would you describe your personal style…where do you pull your inspiration from?
T. MOSS: I truly don’t think I have one! [laughs] I can be found in gym clothes most of the time. I am an outdoor woman through and through but even when I’m out adventuring, I’m still in gym/workout attire. I do love to get dressed up and put on that little black dress and heels from time to time but that’s usually after a competition. But I love big hoodies, pajama pants and Carhartt bibs.

I have many talents. I don’t think any of them are hidden.

VIG: Do you have any hidden talents?
T. MOSS: I have many talents. I don’t think any of them are hidden. A jack of all trades but master of absolutely none! [laughs] I do find that most things come naturally to me. I can do something for the first time, and most wouldn’t know it was my first time doing it. I just jump in giving it 100% heart and it just works. Most are shocked when they learn I sing. I don’t think I’m very good, but I’m told I am. Again, it’s all about passion and heart. I do so much. What I get from people when they ask about what all I do is this…”Teresa, is there anything you don’t do???” My response is, “fly!”
VIG: Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?
T. MOSS: I am always nervous when I’m in front of people and the camera. Whether singing, speaking, competing or doing a photoshoot. I don’t think I’m shy, but I definitely get nervous. Shyness is a personality trait or a predisposition that causes a person to feel uncomfortable or inhibited in social situations and that’s definitely not me.

Modelling has never been something I pursued or thought of doing or even wanted to do. I do love it, however.

VIG: Is modeling easy, or more strenuous than people realize?
T. MOSS: Modeling is way more strenuous than people realize! I started modeling in my teens. Models often have to maintain strict fitness and dietary regimens to meet industry standards. Long hours of standing, posing, and walking in high heels or uncomfortable outfits can be physically taxing. The industry is highly competitive and often involves constant scrutiny and criticism regarding appearance and performance. This can lead to significant stress, anxiety, and pressure to conform to certain beauty standards.
     Models must often hold poses for extended periods, redo shoots multiple times, and work in less-than-ideal conditions, such as extreme weather, while maintaining a professional demeanor. These aspects make modeling a demanding profession that requires much more than just looking good in front of a camera. Poses that look the best are actually painful to hold. We say, “If it doesn’t hurt, you’re doing it wrong.”
VIG: Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kind of happen?
T. MOSS: It just happened. Once in my teens I was school clothes shopping, and the owner of the store asked my mom if I’d like to be in a fashion show. When I got older, I went into a swimsuit boutique and was approached by the owner and asked to model for her. Modelling has never been something I pursued or thought of doing or even wanted to do. I do love it, however.
Give us 5 facts about you people may not know.
  1. I am scuba certified with an ice diving certification.
  2. I drive a dump truck in the winter and can operate the loader.
  3. I grew up in a single wide trailer in a potato field in Palmer, Alaska.
  4. I was the first and only female to king swing off the Kuskalana Bridge in Chitna, Alaska.
  5. I love to play in the water and was a swim instructor for infants up to 8 years old, but am not a great swimmer myself.
VIG: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
T. MOSS: How, man?! This is a tough one, but I’m going with moose roast!!! I love moose and it’s the leanest meat there is and absolutely delicious. Moose tacos, moose burgers, moose spaghetti and moose hotdogs!!! But moose roast is my favorite.
VIG: What’s next for you?
T. MOSS: I plan on continuing to coach Team Coast 2 Coast and compete myself, in the IPL. I am growing my outdoor guiding business and still training clients in the gym. I have a goal to get my name on the list for the most IPL Pro Wins! My biggest plan is to spend time with my four adult children, continue caring for my dad who has Alzheimer’s and spend as much time outdoors as I possibly can. VIGOROUS

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