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“…some may say, ‘slow down and enjoy the moment.’ I am learning that, but there is no lower gear.”

IPL Bikini stunner Christian DeAngelis is on fire! In 2016 Christian competed at the IPL Southwest Grand Prix in Arizona. At that contest she had a very big day, placing 1st in Bikini Novice Class C and 1st in Bikini Open Class C and earned her IPL Bikini Pro Card. She also placed 1st in Sports Model Novice.

     Fast forward two years to the 2018 IPL Southwest Grand Prix. At this contest Christian decided to make her Pro Bikini Debut. She did not win the class, however she placed a respectable 4th in a very tough lineup. She also competed in Sports Model Novice, placing 1st and Sport Model Open, placing 4th. With some wins under belt, and some solid placings, Christian is definitely a top contender.

     During the weekend of the 2018 Southwest Grand Prix Christian shot with renowned photographer, Michael Brooks. What resulted was simply amazing.

…a healthy lifestyle makes you feel great, no matter what you are (or aren’t) wearing.

BEN YOSEF: Christian! First off, congrats on your comeback to the IPL stage in 2018! You were amazing! How are you feeling about your return to the competition stage?

CHRISTIAN DEANGELIS: I was anxious. It’s a commitment. As long as you’re all there in mind and body, it’s definitely a fun experience. At first I was only going back for Sports Model. When it got to be maybe 3-4 weeks prior to the competition, I asked myself, “why not?” I wanted to go for Pro Bikini also. Competing IPL is an addictive high that overwhelms you with excitement. It’s hard to stay away from.

BEN: Well, you looked awesome. That was a very competitive class, and you definitely held your own up there. So, let’s talk about this photoshoot and cover! This cover is like definitely one of my favorites. It really pops. What did you think when you first saw it?

CHRISTIAN: To be honest, I came to the shoot thinking we were taking competition suit photos. [laughs] The outfit on the cover is what I came in. I just rolled up the top to show some definition and went with it. I never would have thought anything would come of it. Michael was amazing. He made me feel very comfortable and natural.

BEN: Ha! That’s awesome. It’s a testament to how great of a look you have as well as the talent that Michael possesses! What was it like shooting with him?

CHRISTIAN: Shooting with Michael was so organic. I mean, just meeting anyone…let alone shooting with them…it brings hesitation. Not with Michael. I smile just thinking about shooting with him. He has a real professional side, yet funny and comforting. Really brings that smile to your eyes!

BEN: Love it! You also shot in your competition bikini. Which you looked incredible in, by the way. What was it like shooting in the bikini versus the jeans and tank?

CHRISTIAN: It was a little colder! [laughs] You’re so nice. Thank you. I did not feel different at all, except being a bit more comfy in my jeans. Going on a journey like this and trying to live a healthy lifestyle makes you feel great, no matter what you are (or aren’t) wearing.

BEN: Well said! Was this your first photoshoot?

CHRISTIAN: No. I have had a few others. I only feel comfortable with friends who are photographers, though. This is why I was hesitant at first. All that went away when I walked through the door. Thanks Michael!

BEN: Totally understandable. Well, you totally have “the look.” Have you ever thought about doing more modeling and shoots like this?

CHRISTIAN: I got motivation from Michael’s shoot to maybe pursue it. People kept telling me off his amazing work. I needed a push to do it. I have been trying to talk with an agent. I just need to make an appointment. Real Estate is booming since I moved to Walt Danley Realty & Christie’s International. Loved my old team, but was ready for a change and another challenge!

BEN: Awesome. Congrats on your new venture! What is a typical day in the life of Christian DeAngelis like?

CHRISTIAN: I get up at 5a.m. to get ready. Then get my girls ready. Lola, my oldest, and I do her homework before school. Then I drop them off, grab my greenie from Nekter, and stroll into the office. My office is amazing! I love where I am in life. Very grateful.

BEN: You have two children? Both girls?

CHRISTIAN: Yes. My girls are 3 & 5.

BEN: Fantastic. You must feel very proud! So, you are 34 years young and married with two children. As we all know, there are people who are younger, not married and have no children and still don’t keep themselves together half as well you! What’s your secret? And, what would you say to those women out there and even men who don’t think it’s possible?

CHRISTIAN: I wake everyday wanting more and to be even better. I call it a sickness, but people say it’s the drive! I understand some may say, “slow down and enjoy the moment.” I am learning that, but there is no lower gear. Never a dull moment in the DeAngelis house.

BEN: Awesome! Well, you are definitely an inspiration to many! What is next for Christian DeAngelis?

…some may say, ‘slow down and enjoy the moment.’ I am learning that, but there is no lower gear.

CHRISTIAN: Well, besides for full-time real estate with Walt Danley Realty & Christie’s International, the Salon, staying healthy/fit, and most importantly my 2 little girls and husband? I don’t know, Ben. I think my husband and I, after almost 10 years of marriage, are going to travel to Italy this summer. I need a break. IPL has taught me the importance of a healthy body inside and out. I need some me time.

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