Bounce Back Like Toma Salari: Mother Of Two & IPL Bikini Pro Champion

“Most of the time I was doing things one handed while the other hand was busy breastfeeding a baby.”

  IPL Bikini Pro Toma Salari has been an exciting person to follow ever since we first met her at her first contest, the October 2020 IPL Arizona show.

     We were shocked to learn that Toma began her prep for the contest while pregnant with her second child! She would eventually give birth and continue prepping without missing a beat.

Her incredible bounce back story has yielded two Bikini Mommas titles. This is a division in the IPL where mothers who are also Bikini Competitors take to the stage in celebration of motherhood and fitness.

     Then in 2021, Toma would make her Pro Debut, earning her first IPL Pro title in convincing fashion!

BEN YOSEF: Hi, Toma! First, major congratulations on all the exciting things that have happened in the first part of the year! Including this AMAZING SEAM Magazine cover! This is by far one of my favorites. It just really pops! How are you feeling about the first half of 2021 and how are you liking this SEAM cover?

TOMA SALARI: Thank you so much for featuring me on this AMAZING SEAM Magazine cover! I’m incredibly blessed with 2021, and for this magazine cover I’m super grateful. Looks like all my hard work was worth it and paid off.

BEN: Paid off indeed! And I get the feeling that this may be just the beginning for you! Also, congratulations on earning your first IPL Pro Bikini title this year. You were amazing at that show! How are you feeling about what went down in Arizona?

TOMA: Thank you! That was beyond exciting! I feel very blessed to have received a new gorgeous trophy. The show went very smooth, well organized and lots of fun!

Most of the time I was doing things one handed while the other hand was busy breastfeeding a baby.

BEN: You have two young children, one that was born just a couple of years ago. And you were back on stage looking amazing shortly after giving birth to your youngest. What was it like not only staying fit, but prepping for a Bikini Competition while pregnant and shorty after giving birth? Also, you are married…What role does your husband play in your health and fitness lifestyle? I assume that having a partner must make it easier for you to juggle everything?

TOMA: Prepping for a Bikini Competition while pregnant and shortly after giving birth was mostly being focused on being organized with my meal preparation. It is time consuming on cooking day, but it actually saves time in the long run, because I do not have to think about what to eat. I do not even need to make myself a plate, since it is all prepared. I just heat it up.

     Most of the time I was doing things one handed while the other hand was busy breastfeeding a baby. My workouts included my children, and they absolutely loved it. Although my youngest most of time would fall asleep during exercises. Especially lunges, squats and stroller runs.

     For my second competition training, both girls would want to eat my meal-prep too. So I would make it for everybody, including my husband. Although he got tired of the boring meals, he absolutely loved the end of the training when I had my posing practices in my shiny bikini and clear high-heels.

     My husband would be very supportive. But having a partner that is not competing, and wants to go on dinner dates and different events that had lots of food and drinks that I could not eat, was very difficult. –smiles-

Make it fun, be creative and enjoy the process.

BEN: What tips would you offer women who want to compete shortly after giving birth, as well as those who want to prep for a show while pregnant? Or even for those who just want to stay fit and active during pregnancy?

TOMA: For women who want to compete shortly after giving birth, I would  recommend to get a coach that is experienced with training new mothers, that can write a custom meal plan. I was blessed to have Tawnya Cline as my coach.

     Consistently following the meal plan and daily exercises was key to success in my fitness journey. Make it fun, be creative and enjoy the process.

BEN: Love it. Words of wisdom! Do you plan on having more children?

TOMA: No more children. Two is enough and my oldest asked me not to have anymore babies. Although my husband is thinking about a son.

BEN: Ha! What does the rest of your 2021 look like and when will we see you back on the IPL stage?

TOMA: I hadn’t thought about it until I received the official invitation for APEX VI. This might be the time.

BEN: Nice! Well, it would be great to have you on that APEX stage! Any final thoughts?

TOMA: I cannot commit yet. –smiles- I’m just very grateful for this competition, where I really competed with my laziness and worked on my new lifestyle. SEAM

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of SEAM Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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