Katey Lara: APEX V Pro Women’s Athletic Winner

“I am pushing my training to new levels and working harder than ever…I’m looking forward to seeing the package I am able to bring to stage!”

What an incredible year of competition for IPL Pro, Katey Lara! And even more substantial, considering the recurring theme of the Covid-19 Challenge.

     Katey would make her Pro Debut at the IPL SoCal contest on October 24th in Yorba Linda California, earning her first Pro title. Then, the following month she reappeared on the IPL stage her first Pro APEX outing. And, in convincing fashion, took 1st place in Pro Athletic, becoming the IPL’s new Women’s Athletic APEX Pro Champion.

BEN YOSEF: First off, major congratulations on your APEX Victory, and your year on stage in 2020. Two Pro titles, the APEX win…becoming the number one girl to beat in IPL Women’s Athletic. Now that the dust has settled, how are you feeling about your performances last year?

KATEY LARA: Thank you so much! It was an amazing year for sure! Overall, I believe I had a good year on stage given the circumstances we all were faced with. However, despite those struggles, I managed to bring the best package I could to both Yorba Linda and Arizona. When I decided to do APEX I knew I would need to bring something better, which would require two weeks of hard work. I took the advice of the judges, fixed what I needed to and believe I came out with a stronger package. As always, there is room for improvement which is what I’m looking to work out for my next show!


BEN: Love it. There is this amazing, recurring theme of IPL athletes pushing through the challenges of last year to make it to the stage. I am continuously in awe of our athletes for persevering last year. What was it like for you prepping for the shows last year, considering all of the craziness?

KATEY: Yes, it is definitely an accomplishment for any athlete to step on stage during normal circumstances, so those that were able to do it during the pandemic are truly inspiring. I think prepping through the pandemic was as normal as it could be. It just felt very different, given the circumstances. The hardest part was not being able to workout since that is such a big part of my prep and my life. However, my meal plan is flawless which allows me to persevere through any situation.

BEN: You were not able to workout? How did you keep your physique and muscle together? Just the diet?

KATEY: I was able to workout, just not to the degree that I was used to. I had to find ways to workout with limited equipment to help maintain my muscle. However, my diet was a major factor in maintaining my physique.

BEN: AWESOME! Right now you are eight weeks away from your next IPL show. At the California Championship you will be aiming for your third Pro Athletic title. And you will be going up against some serious competition. How are you feeling about the upcoming show? What are your thoughts on the Pro lineup? And what has your training been like so far in 2021?

KATEY: I am feeling great! I am very excited for the California Championship. Obviously this means a lot for me going up for my third Pro title, but I’m just honored to be able to share the stage with such amazing athletes. Sharing the stage with other Pro athletes is not only an honor, but it pushes me to work harder and be better. I am pushing my training to new levels and working harder than ever. The goal is always to go to your next show better than you were at the last. So I’m looking forward to seeing the package I am able to bring to stage!

BEN: And we are all excited as well! It has been so exciting watching you since you first hit the IPL stage and earned your Pro Card. Are there any other divisions that you are interested in competing in?

KATEY: At the moment I am not looking to do any other divisions. But if I do decide to do something in the future, it would most likely be Figure.

BEN: Nice! I am sure you would rock it in Figure! Well, I am looking forward to seeing what you bring in that Pro Athletic lineup on May 22nd! Any final thoughts?

KATEY: Thank you! I’m very excited as well to see what I am able to bring to stage. I have taken the judges’ feedback and got to work since stepping on stage at APEX. Every time I step on stage is an amazing experience. I am thankful for the IPL, which gave me the platform to showcase my results and challenge me to get into the best shape of my life!

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of SEAM Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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