Cinthia Beltran Earns Pro Fitness Angels Title #2!

“I’m enjoying every moment and for me it’s all a dream come true. Oh my god! That day was very special and magical to me.”

Cinthia Beltran was certainly on a roll at the 2019 2ND Annual IPL SoCal Pro/Am on September 7th in Covina California.

     So far at the contest Cinthia had placed 1st  in Bikini Open Class B, earning her Pro Card there. Next was Pro Fitness Angels where Cinthia would snag her second career Pro title in the division. With this second title Cinthia joined an elite group of 2X IPL Fitness Angels Pro Champions. This exclusive group includes Elli Nichole, Brittney Truman and Kristen Perez. Great company!

     Cinthia would go on at the SoCal Pro/Am to place 2nd in Sports Model Open Class B and 2nd in Evening Gown Open.

BEN YOSEF: Congratulations on all of your success on the IPL stage! And in the magazines! You are killing the game! For this interview I want to talk about the night you earned your second Pro Fitness Angels title. So let’s go back to the 2019 2ND Annual IPL SoCal Pro/Am last September. What an amazing day you had at that contest. How were you feeling heading into that show?

CINTHIA BELTRAN: Thank you so much! I’m enjoying every moment and for me it’s all a dream come true. Oh My God! That day was very special and magical to me. I felt very excited and confident stepping back on the Covina stage. Not only did I receive my Bikini Pro Card, but I also earned my second Pro Fitness Angels title. I feel very proud and happy for these  accomplishments.

BEN: I feel that your look at this contest was your best to date up to that point. Would you agree?


CINTHIA: Yes, I totally agree with you. My look in this show was my best so far and I’m working very hard to bring a better look to my next show and give my all!

BEN: What did you do differently in order to prepare for this show and step the game up with your physique?

CINTHIA: I definitely gave 200% effort, which I always do. But that specific prep went very smooth. I was in a place in my life where I was completely relaxed and calm. Believe it or not, this has a lot to do with it. Stress can affect you in many ways and unfortunately stress has been an issue in some of my preps. My goal now is to come back better than this show and handle stress the best way to improve in every aspect of my life.

BEN: Wow, very interesting. Good for you for rising to such a level of success in conquering those stress levels! Becoming a 2X IPL Pro Fitness Angels Champion put you in a very exclusive group of athletes. At the time only three other athletes had achieved this feat. Elli Nichole, Brittany Truman and Kristen Perez. What does it feel like being amongst the top level Pros in this division?

CINTHIA: It feels like a dream. Such an honor to be at the top level of the division with these gorgeous and talented ladies. They are all amazing and to be part of this group is seriously magical. It motivates me to push harder to reach a higher level and keep inspiring other women to follow our steps.

BEN: Spoken like a true champion. Do you have a goal in terms of the number of Pro titles you would like to win in this division?

CINTHIA: I definitely do. I want to break the record in IPL history and have the most titles possible. Not just in this division, but for all others I compete in as well. I’m working really hard to improve in every aspect and have my best season so far. Get ready for me. Nothing will stop me from reaching my goal.

BEN: Love it! Well, I can say that with what you are bringing to the stage you certainly have a great shot at it! Once again it is always a pleasure to chat with you and learn more about your journey. I am a big fan! Any final thoughts?

CINTHIA: Thank you so much. I always enjoy chatting with you. All I can say is let’s stay positive, keep our bodies active, eat clean and stay strong mentally and physically! Let’s use our time wisely. 

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