Ones To Watch: Christy Vaughn, Sabrina Collette & Kimberly Kallies

“I believe my confidence and persistence to a goal sets me apart from other competitors.” -KIMBERLY KALLIES

You know those feels when you watch a Bikini competitor, who does not place 1st or win her Pro Card…but you just know it is only a matter of time? In this feature we give a shout out to three super impressive, up and coming, top IPL Amateur Bikini Athletes who’s time will surely come in the near future.

Christy Vaughn

2021 IPL California Championship

Bikini Novice Class A 1st

Bikini Masters 40+ 2nd

Bikini Open Class A 2nd

Sabrina Collette

2021 IPL Arizona Championship

Bikini Novice 1st

Bikini Open 2nd

Kimberly Kallies

2021 IPL SoCal Classic

Bikini Novice 1st

Bikini Open 3rd

“I believe my confidence and persistence to a goal sets me apart from other competitors. Despite several show cancellations and countywide gym closures in my hometown, I was still able to push myself onto the stage with a big smile and heart that was so proud of what I accomplished. I cannot wait to bring that strength back to the IPL stage for my next show! You can expect to see me back on the stage at the end of 2021 or early 2022. Until then, I am improving and growing in order to bring my best to the stage.” -KIMBERLY KALLIES

“What sets me apart is my obsession with perfection (which is both a blessing and a curse). Once I set my mind on a goal, I can’t stop thinking about it and nothing stands in the way. Every calorie counts, every minute at the gym counts, and I am laser focused. My next contest is 2021 IPL APEX VI.” -SABRINA COLLETTE

“I believe that strength and beauty is more than just the exterior, but is illuminated by an inner spirit, a strength of character and self-confidence. Realizing that being on stage is not only fun, but a celebration of a tremendous accomplishment of dedication and hard work. I strive for people to see not only the outward transformation I have achieved through a life of health and fitness, but also the joy it brings me to share this with others. I definitely plan on being back on stage this Fall for APEX VI and possibly in October for the IPL West Coast Pro/Am which I’ll try for my Bikini Pro Card.” -CHRISTY VAUGHN

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