Big Time Bikini Momma, Brooke Villicana, Has Five Kids!

“Consistency is key! Waking up and choosing to make the choices that are going to get you to your goal.”

Newcomer, and first-time competitor, Brooke Villacana hit the IPL stage at the January 2020 1ST Annual New Year’s Classic in Burbank California. As the Head Judge I recall seeing her come out on stage and was very impressed.

     Brooke would go on to place top five in each of the three classes she competed in. Including Bikini Mommas (1 to Under 3) where she placed 1st and won the Overall. She then went on to compete in a stacked and very competitive Bikini Open class, placing 5th. Finally, she would place 3rd in another very competitive class, Fitness Angels Open. Not a bad showing for her first contest!

     I would later learn that Brooke is the mother of five children! I’m always intrigued by competitors who are mothers and how they manage to balance it all. Life, Family, Fitness etc.…

BEN YOSEF: First off, congratulations on an awesome showing at the New Year’s Classic! You rocked it! How are you feeling about how you did at the show?

BROOKE VILLICANA: I feel good about my first competition ever, especially only being eight months postpartum from my fifth baby! But I’m highly competitive and hold myself to a higher standard. So I’m coming back better than ever to take the win. –smiles-

BY: Love it! Your first division was Bikini. Starting off with Bikini Mommas (1 to Under 3). In that class you would dominate, taking 1st place and the Overall. How were you feeling actually being on stage for the first time? And what was it like to win 1st place?

BV: Invigorating. Taking those first steps out…feeling the heat from the lights and everyone’s eyes on you was an unimaginable rush. Taking 1st was truly a dream come true.

BY: Next was the stacked Bikini Open class. How were you feeling heading into that Open class?

BV: I was feeling anxious and nervous. Bikini Open was a full class, with a lot of hard working, beautiful women. But once I stepped on stage I felt at home.

BY: You ended up landing 5th place. What were you feeling after that placement, and as you prepared to enter your final division at this contest…Fitness Angels?

BV: Motivated to come back stronger and better then ever! –smiles- I’m coming for 1st! Fitness Angels was my favorite category. When I put those wings on I felt like a different person. I felt like the most confident person in the world.

BY: Oh, cool. I always think everyone is going to say Bikini is their favorite. –laughs- Did you think that would be your fave going into the show? You were awesome in that class and seemed so natural and confident. And you landed in 3rd place. What are your thoughts on that placement?

BV: I thought Bikini was going to be my favorite too, but there’s something that happens when you put on those wings. At least for me that’s what happened. I jumped into character and I felt confident and sexy.

Taking 3rd was bitter sweet for me. I respect the process and will come back stronger and better than ever.

BY: Let’s talk kids! You have five. WOW. What are their ages?

BV: Yes! I have five kids. My oldest is kaitlyn and she is 12. Then Kane 7. Kaleb 6. Kole 5. And Kaili is 1.

BY: Amazing. Did you give birth to all five?

BV: I gave birth to four and adopted my oldest daughter when she was 2!

BY: How tough was it to prep with five kids at home?

BV: Challenging! I just make sure I get up at 3 am every morning to hit the gym before the kids wake up. And when I cook for the kids I meal prep my food. I could come up with a million excuses a day why I couldn’t make prep work. I just turn those excuses into reasons why I made prep happen. I had lost myself in motherhood and when I decided to prep for my first show I found ME again!

Consistency is key! Waking up and choosing to make the choices that are going to get you to your goal.

BY: I love that. You just gave some really great insight into this in that answer…but what other tips would you give to moms out there who want to compete, but can’t seem to figure out how to manage everything. Especially having children to care for. Whether it’s one child…or five?

BV: Consistency is key! Waking up and choosing to make the choices that are going to get you to your goal. I also think it’s important for moms to know that it’s ok for us to choose us. A lot of us get “mom guilt” when we put so much time and energy into ourselves because we are so used to taking care of others (husbands, kids, parents etc.). For me personally, if I don’t care for myself and make sure Brooke is the best version of herself, how would I be any good for anyone if I’m not good for me.

BY: Well said! Any final thoughts? And when will we see you back on the IPL stage?

BV: APEX V! Coming in hot!

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher of Natural Bikini Magazine and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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