Burn More Fat! With Peppers

That is right, you heard it correctly. Peppers. But not just any peppers.

As a competitor, it is super important that I come in lean and conditioned during competition…and if you have ever seen me on stage you know that I achieve this goal. And best of all, I achieve this look as an all-natural athlete in Figure and Athletic.

     So let me share one of the tools in my competition prep arsenal. Well, you have heard of fat burners right?! My advice to you is to run the other way when someone suggest this too you. They are dangerous and to be honest they aren’t needed if you are willing to give yourself enough time to prep and follow a proper training and nutrition plan.

     But, I do use something during my prep that is all natural and adds some spicy flavor to repetitive meals. Peppers. That is right, you heard it correctly, peppers. But not just any peppers. I use a concentrated version of capsaicin. This is the substance that gives Chile peppers that fiery boost. Capsaicin has been believed to help shrink fat tissue and even boost metabolism to assist with the burning of more calories.

     It is important to note that, if taken recklessly, you can seriously hurt yourself. I should also tell you I have a higher than normal threshold for spice. However, that has not meant that on an occasion or two I didn’t over do it and end up running in circles with my mouth on fire gasping for air as the heat consumed me to the point of barely being able to produce a tear. Let alone call out for help. So, again, don’t just dump this all over your food!

     To be honest, I do not know if this will work for everyone, but it works for me. Testing on humans hasn’t been done for many ethical reasons. But when tested on mice over the course of a nine-week study from the Department of Biotechnology at Daegu University in Korea, the body weight of the capsaicin-treated mice decreased by about eight percent. 

     So as long as you are not allergic to peppers, it might be worth giving it a try (on your offseason first, to see how you respond). Try adding a little heat to some of your favorite dishes. The hotter the Chile pepper, the more capsaicin it has. The hottest varieties include habanero and the Scotch Bonnet.

     However, there is a pepper that is hotter than the habanero. Three to five times hotter, and the world’s hottest pepper. It is the Bhut Jolokia. I do not recommend that you use this pepper for competition prep or ever. Just trust me on that one. But now you have a new tool to add to your getting lean! Enjoy.

About the Author:

Kaylin Payne

Kaylin Payne

Kaylin has achieved IPL Pro status in Figure and Women's Athletic. And has earned a Women's Athletic Pro title. She has also competed in the Bikini division. She is the creator and owner of MAXFIT 360, LLC. She has a M.S. in Sport Psychology, is a certified fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and a track and field coach.

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