Recover With A Bubble Bath

8 Reasons why taking that bath could be just the thing you need.

SEAM Team Recover With A Bubble Bath

What is better than finding out something delicious or pleasurable is also good for you? Like the occasional red wine, some wonderful dark chocolate or even horseback riding? I am a supporter of taking a long soak. Baths have lost some of their popularity to fancy showers which can take less time and use less water. However, a wonderful way to relax and help muscle recovery after a brutal trail run, a killer leg day or back day workout is a nice soak. Sign me up please!

     The health and healing benefits of a bath are now being documented. Baths are no longer just a way to freshen up. So, here is the best news you will hear all day: luxuriating in a long, hot bath has medical benefits. Just think about it. Baths have played a role in many cultural traditions from the Japanese tradition of bathing as well as the Roman bathhouse and of course the religious traditions of Baptisms.

     Well, I know you are wondering why you should incorporate a long soak into your own health and wellness routine? This is a trend worth being a follower of. Here are eight reasons why you should start today.

#1 Baths Can Elevate Your Mood

Settling into warm water feels so good, but that pleasure happens to have amazing staying power long after the bath is over. In a survey of 80 people by Neil Morris, a psychologist, it was found that obviously soaking in warm water feels good, but that pleasure also happens to last for a period of time afterwards. Also, did you know that soaking in a bath can help diminish feelings of depression and pessimism? This is because, “baths give you a wonderful combination of isolation, quite and comfort.” Overall, bathing induces feelings of comfort and easiness. That type of comfort allows the mind to ease and therefore the body is able to relax.


#2 It Can Help You Sleep Better

The benefits of a quality night’s sleep  are widely recognized. However, how to actually get an effective seven to eight hours remains elusive for most people. One enduring theory claims that a colder core body temperature will help induce sleep, which is why some scientist recommend going to sleep in the nude to keep the body cool. Which, I personally also find a wonderful way to get a good night’s rest.

     However, a warm bath before bed might yield similar results, especially if you prefer pajamas. At night our body temperature naturally drops, which signals the production of melatonin (the sleeping hormone). Soaking in a warm bath will raise your body temperature and exiting the tub will more rapidly cool it down, thus instigating the production of melatonin and better preparing you for sleep.

#3 A Hot Bath Can Help Relieve Muscle Pain

In any health and fitness lifestyle exercise is important. However, for some, especially those new to fitness, muscle fatigue and minor pain can be expected on occasions. Heat will get your blood moving, which is not only great for circulation (more on that later), but can also help sore or tight muscles to relax.

     One of my favorite additions to a warm bath is Epsom salt. The addition of Epsom salts in a warm bath has been proven to help reduce inflammation in your joints caused by arthritis or other muscular diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of salt baths have also shown to have a positive effect on those that have metabolic diseases such as diabetes type 2.

#4 Baths Can Make Your Heart Healthier

In some research it has been shown that taking a regular warm bath can help reduce blood pressure. This is significant because reduced blood pressure can help with the prevention of more serious heart conditions, such as heart attack or stroke. Though soaking in the tub cannot take the place of an actual workout, using heat to induce better blood flow and circulation can do wonders for the body.

#5 Baths Can Burn Calories

Let’ be honest, we are all looking for ways to burn more calories doing our daily life activities, especially during cutting season. Sure, a soak is not a match for water aerobics, a HIIT session or active hydrotherapy, but a good sweat induced by a hot bath can burn as many calories as taking a moderate pace walk. However, the bath cannot and should not replace these important daily tasks. Physical activity is great for the heart and body in many ways that can only come from exercise. A warm bath is a great way to reward yourself.


#6 Baths Can Relieve Cold Symptoms

Feeling ill? Steam from a hot bath works wonders for stuffy noses and bad coughs. Congestion is caused by inflammation in your nasal passages. Steam gets the blood vessels in your face and nose moving, this loosening any mucus blockage.

     If you have the flu, especially if its associated with a fever, hold off on your bath. Though a bath may initially feel wonderful to your sick body, the chills that come after getting out of the tub as your body fights to regulate its’ core temperature will not be pleasant. Give yourself about 24 hours fever-free before indulging.

#7 Baths Can Sooth Irritated Skin

The temperature of your bath matters, a  lot. While a scalding hot bath can make your skin more irritated, a warm bath – in combination with certain essential oils like coconut, olive, or lavender or even oatmeal – can better hydrate and heal dry or irritated skin.

     In my bath water I like to include a few drops of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil. In addition, the aromatherapy is great for regulating your mood and reducing stress.


#8 Baths Can Help You Feel More Awake

Pursoma founder Shannon Vaughn explains that when you have a hot bath, you begin to sweat. “That’s a kind of activity in and of itself, so afterwards people tend to feel refreshed.” And even better: if you are feeling fatigued, a bath wont make you feel drowsy. However, once you do go to sleep, it can aid in a deeper sleep.

How to Draw the Perfect Healing Bath?

The water temperature should not exceed your own body temperature by too much. While a hot bath feels great, a warm bath is better for your skin and immune system. Add oils like rose, lavender, calendula, aloe, coconut or oatmeal for your skin. Epsom salt is great for muscles.

     Keep part of your body, such as your head and face out of the water. This will prevent you from overheating. Soak for 10-15 minutes, breathe, relax and enjoy. Another thing you might choose to add to your bath routine is calming music and if it is safe to do so, a couple of candles in the bathroom. Just be mindful not to set your home on fire. Artificial candles work well too.

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Kaylin Payne

Kaylin Payne

Kaylin has achieved IPL Pro status in Figure and Women's Athletic. And has earned a Women's Athletic Pro title. She has also competed in the Bikini division. She is the creator and owner of MAXFIT 360, LLC. She has a M.S. in Sport Psychology, is a certified fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and a track and field coach.

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