Karl Hall Wins APEX Pro Men’s Bodybuilding!

“If you have an excuse, that is weak. And, if you are weak, that is an excuse.”

We have been hearing a lot about this guy lately! And, rightfully so. Karl Hall has had such a powerful impact on the IPL that he has earned the moniker, “King.”

     As the man who earned the IPL’s first Pro Bodybuilding title, King Karl Hall has made history. Following that win at the 2017 IPL New Jersey Pro, Hall went on to earn two more Pro titles. Including APEX.

And, speaking of APEX, Hall was at his best yet. Shout out to 2nd place finisher David Boutros who continues to improve and challenge Hall for the title.

     That being said, even though Boutros is getting better and better…so is Karl Hall. In the end, David has not been able to slay this Goliath. The question remains…Can anyone?

BEN YOSEF: The world is going to overdose on King Karl Hall within the next week, as you are also the cover story for the spring issue of Natural Gainz! [laughs]

     First, congrats again on taking the APEX! How does it feel being number one…and the guy to beat?

KARL HALL: Thanks again for the recognition! My dream of rising to my potential is starting to become more of a reality. It feels good to have accomplished what I did, but now I am even more hungry since others are trying to dethrone me!

BEN: What did you focus on most in 2017? And what will your main 2018 focus be?

KARL: I believe that the sum of the parts is never greater than the  whole. Meaning I don’t do isolation exercises, because Bodybuilding is not a best particular body part but the best overall package! So, my focus will continue to be training the whole body as a solid unit! 

BEN: You traveled via plane for each of your four IPL contests in 2017. Do the flights bother you at all?

KARL: Actually, my very first time on a plane was for the Natural GAINZ Classic in March of last year. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but I maintained my composure. Besides the prices and sometimes the inconvenience of delayed flights…I have no problems with planes! Some day I would like to fly First Class and not have to be concerned with those travel expenses!

BEN: Wait, what??? At forty years old, you had never flown on a plane before that show?

KARL: Absolutely not! It was that very Bodybuilding show that motivated me to put away my fears of traveling in the skies!

BEN: Wow, man! I would have never guessed that! Now I feel even more honored to have you in the IPL!

     What tips can you give to athletes out there, especially Bodybuilders, who wish to attain a level of success, and physique similar to what you have?

KARL: I believe that anyone with the desire to be successful should strive to be strong. I am not talking about the physical capacity, but the mental fortitude that allows one to overcome all obstacles.

     Much of my success comes from my mental willingness to endure. I highly recommend that anyone with aspirations to pursue Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness Angels or any of the divisions to develop a strong mind. I live my life by the following motto, “If you have an excuse, that is weak. And, if you are weak, that is an excuse.” NMI

About the interviewer:

Ben Yosef

Ben Yosef

Ben is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of NATURALMAG and the President & Founder of the International Physique League.

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