Natural GAINZ Magazine – Top IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Marc Monaco

“Winning an Open Pro title is definitely one of my biggest goals for this year.”

Mark Monaco has been on top ever since his first IPL contest, the July 2020 2ND Annual Florida show. At that contest he placed 1st in Men’s Athletic Novice. 1st in Men’s Athletic Masters 40+, earning his Masters Pro Card. And 1st in Men’s Athletic Open, earning his Open Pro Card.

     A few months later Mark would return to the IPL stage for his Pro Debut in both Masters and Open Men’s Athletic at the Arizona show in October. There, he would take 1st place in Pro Men’s Athletic Masters, and 2nd in Pro Open. In the Open, he would be outshined by this issue’s cover guy, Nicolas Mark.

     Finally at Marc’s third and most recent contest, the October 2020 SoCal show in Yorba Linda, he would earn his second Masters Pro title. And this time placing 3rd in Pro Open. All this winning and high placing certainly puts Marc Monaco at the top of the Athletic division.

GAINZMAG: Welcome to another magazine issue! Your ears must be ringing with all this hype! What is it like being in the mags consistently?

MARC MONACO: It’s truly an honor to be featured in all of these fitness magazines, and it was a dream come true to land on the cover of ATHLETIC Magazine! It’s a great feeling to know that all of the years of hard work have paid off!

GM: At this very moment you are currently in prep for your third IPL Pro show, the Arizona Championship in April. What is your prep like this time around?

MM: My prep has been a little different this time around. After the California show last October, I really wanted to focus on adding size to my legs to bring a better package to stage in 2021. I switched my diet up a bit, adding a lot more protein and beef into my nutrition program, and I started lifting much heavier with my squats and deadlifts. I also decreased my cardio significantly, and started to take more days off to rest and let my body heal and grow. I really want to come into the 2021 season with an improved and more proportional physique.

Winning an Open Pro title is definitely one of my biggest goals for this year.

GM: Are you still affected by covid-19 when it comes to your freedom to train?

MM: COVID has not affected my training this time around one bit! Wearing a mask is sometimes inconvenient at the gym, but the gyms are open and I am thankful for that!

GM: You are considered a top IPL Men’s Athletic Pro. What tips would you give for guys out there who are aiming to achieve what you have?

MM: My advice to anyone trying to reach the top in anything in life is to ignore the negativity and just go for your dreams! I had a lot of people doubt me in the beginning of this journey when I told them my goals. I even remember having a few friends laugh at me when I said my goal last year was to get back on stage and make it into a magazine! That really stuck with me and added fuel to the fire! Don’t let anyone hold you back from your goals and dreams. A strong mind, dedication and sacrifice can go a long way!

GM: To date you have earned two Pro titles in Masters Athletic. And have competed in Pro Open twice now, but have not taken the title there. How important is it for you to win at the Open level?

MM: Winning an Open Pro title is definitely one of my biggest goals for this year. I always prepare to bring the best package I can on competition day, but I can only control myself. Everyone trains hard, and I realize that I can’t always be the best on that given day. But it would mean a lot if I can win an Open Pro title to add to my Masters Pro titles!

GM: Other than the Arizona show coming up, what’s next for you?

MM: I’m not sure what my future plans are because I really want to focus on this show and I’m excited to show my improvements! I’m going for my Pro Cards in Sports Model at this show. So, if I’m successful in those divisions, that could open up more opportunities in future competitions in more Pro categories. Thank you again for the opportunity to share my fitness journey, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Phoenix in April! GAINZ

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