Lights Out! Get A Good Night’s Sleep.

Did you know that a good night’s sleep is vital to your physical health and emotional wellbeing?

THE BENEFITS OF A GOOD NIGHT’S REST should never be underestimated. To put it plain, do not underestimate a good night’s sleep. Getting proper sleep on a regular basis isn’t just a good idea, it is essential.

     We all know that sleep has many benefits when it comes to managing stress, improving memory and putting us in a better mood. But, did you know that proper sleep can also help you with weight maintenance? 


     Americans are gaining weight at lighting speed! The great news is that this is largely a direct result of lifestyle choices. One such choice is falling asleep on the sofa with the television on. If you’re worried about weight gain, you may want to reconsider falling asleep to the flicker of the television light, according to research from Laura Fonken. In her dissertation research she focused on the effects that nighttime light exposure had on both physiology and behavior.

     In one of Fonken’s research studies it was concluded that mice that were exposed to even dim light during their sleep cycles for an eight-week period gained about 50 percent more weight than mice that slept in the dark. As it was shown, light disrupts natural circadian rhythms which can influence appetite and eating behavior. This in tern may disrupt optimal food metabolism, encouraging eating at the wrong times (yes, that means you – the late night snacker!)

Want a bonus? Don’t forget to refrain from using your cell phone as well.

     Not convinced? Other studies have also demonstrated the negative effects of not getting proper sleep. For example, people who sleep only five hours a night are 73% more likely to gain weight. Yes, 73%. That is a significant chance of weight gain. While each person’s sleep needs vary when it comes to the number of hours of sleep you should get each night, the National Sleep Foundation does suggest seven to nine hours for most adults.

     So, as you can see, with simple lifestyle choices it may be easier than thought to manage the bulge. Simply get some quality shut eye. Don’t forget, to truly get a good night’s rest and to keep your waistline in check, turn off all the lights. And yes, that includes the television too. Want a bonus? Don’t forget to refrain from using your cell phone as well. 

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Kaylin Payne

Kaylin Payne

Kaylin has achieved IPL Pro status in Figure and Women's Athletic. And has earned a Women's Athletic Pro title. She has also competed in the Bikini division. She is the creator and owner of MAXFIT 360, LLC. She has a M.S. in Sport Psychology, is a certified fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and a track and field coach.

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